October 19, 2010

It's a GIRL!

I'll go ahead and post my second one now! For any of you that have not heard -- our little Poppy is a girl! May the good Lord help us! Her name will be Evelyn Grace. We will call her Evie which sounds like the letters E and V said outloud together. I know there is a Grace somewhere back on my side of the family (not very well liked if I remember correctly) and Evelyn is the name of my grandmother Dickens, my dad's mom who I never got to meet. I've always thought it was a beautiful name, and although I can't remember the first time my dad told me her name was Evelyn I can remember saying it under my breath over and over to myself thinking how it sounded so pretty and classy.

I just fell in love with it. I even loved the sequence of the letters and the way Evelyn looked written down. I still do. I used to stare at my grandmother's portrait hanging on the wall outside my bedroom and think of how perfect and pretty she looked. I kid you not, that picture is the very essence of poise and polish. I still love to look at it to this day.

So, while I know that my daughter will be equal parts homebody and independent, adventurous eater and picky eater, night owl and early riser, tom boy and prissy princess and completely stubborn (c'mon have you met her father and me???) I hope that a little bit of that poise and polish from the beautiful lady she's named for will rub off on her. Goodness knows she won't get it from me!