November 22, 2010

The Business of Having a Baby

Oh my gosh -- it is expensive to have a child. This weekend Chris and I ventured to Target and Babies'R'Us. We registered at both stores and we bought Evie's crib and changing table/dresser combo. The one we originally wanted they had the crib but the changing table and dresser combo had been discontinued. After a quick Google search we quickly discovered that the combo was nowhere to be found for sale. We finally found a crib and changing table combo that we liked and then ran into more complications -- half of it has to be shipped from their SOS system (code, their freakin website) and the other half from their stock room. I'm not entirely sure the guy helping us wasn't either drunk or high on something. In any case -- our child now as a place to sleep (even though she has no mattress or bedding yet) and that makes me feel better -- like things are progressing correctly.

Even after our first big puchase we still have a long way to go. You would not be able to imagine the crap that kids these days need!!! I mean what the heck is an "exersaucer" anyway? It's apparently essential and medical science is amazed that BOTH my husband and I managed to grow up into healthy, functioning  adults without one. For the record -- here is an exersaucer:

It sort of rocks and bounces around -- we found one we liked at Target for a reasonable price, because make note, all you soon to be moms and dads out there: some of these things can cost up to $150. You also need a plethora of items for tummy time and stimulation and God only knows what else. How did we as a civilization make it this far with kids who grew up in covered wagons and were born on the side of a dirt road? Trust me I've the Laura Ingalls Wilder series -- these kids didn't have exersaucers OR Baby Einstein.

In other news Evie is still doing great! I've started to detect her sleeping and waking patterns. She sleeps a little later than I do in the mornings and I can actually feel her stretch before she really gets going around ten-o-clock. She naps around lunch time and then gets going again around 2. Then she takes another nap and wakes up after dinner. Then it is time for another nap and she's ready to rock-n-roll about the time I go to bed a night. I go to bed early so I am sure this nursing thing is gonna be real fun for me. Chris likes to stay up later so he might get the 11pm feedings from bottles!

This week Evie should be about 11 inches long and weigh over a pound (A FREAKIN POUND!!! How did my little poppy seed grow to be a pound?). She's learning to sense my movement more and more which means when I'm active she'll sleep and when I', still she will wake up. I hope she keeps her patterns though! This week her sense of hearing is getting more and more acute -- she will likely sleep through loud noises she hears a lot in the womb. This is a good thing as Peyton pretty much barks non-stop in the mornings and for about an hour at night. She' also get used to hearing Chris and I yell at the dogs to behave! She still looks red and wrinkled but is gaining white fat (different from the brown fat that will help her regulate her body temperature) right now! I'm hoping for a chubby little dumpling of a baby so put on that white fat baby girl! Her muscles, organs and bones are continuing to develop at a rapid rate (this is no surprise as her little kicks aren't so little anymore!).

Evie at 23 weeks: