November 17, 2010

The two most beautiful words...

My. Daughter.

Lately, I've taken to calling Evie "my daughter".  I still call her "the baby" and "Poppy" and when talking to Chris "our girl" and also "Evie Bug" (her daddy came up with that one). At some point, however, the phrase "my daughter" took over both my thoughts and my words. I typed it out today in an email to a friend and upon rereading the message it struck me that I have a daughter. No matter what happens at this point I have a daughter and I am a mother. You'll never convince me, no matter how hard you try, that the little girl living inside of me does not already have her own unique personality and being. You can't tell me that I don't already know her (in a way that, quite frankly, no one else ever will) and that she does not know me.

It's a small realization and maybe to some of you a "Duh, Sarah, what did you think you were having a lizard?" kind of realization but to me it's pretty huge. And cool. Not to mention scary!!!

This weekend my mother and I will go shopping for my daughter. :) See I can't stop saying (writing) it!