December 1, 2010

24 Weeks!

Today marks the day! One of the days I thought would never get here back when I was 7 weeks pregnant and worrying about every little thing. Evie is 24 gestational weeks old! Hooray! This marks a very important milestone as her chances of survival outside the womb jump to 50% -- in three short weeks her chances or survival jump to 80%. Yes I know these statistics. No I don't think my baby is going anywhere until she is fully baked up and the timer goes off! These are just dates I keep in my head as I tick of the weeks until her arrival (16 at the most 13 at the least -- and then only if I have to have a c-section).

So what has Evie been up to this week. Well as far as I can tell she's been getting really tough with her kicks and jabs. I can tell space is at a premium in there for her. When she rolls I feel like I'm being stretched to the max (no, the knowledge that I will stretch even more and things will get tighter before this is over is not helpful). I'm also begining to be able to see her kick from the outside, which is weird. It looks like my stomach is having little twitches. It is the first outside evidence that shows me that there is a living thing in there. My own sweet little alien! She's also been the cause of Braxton-Hicks contractions. Fun stuff. Sometimes these are painless. Other times these are pretty painful. Usually a big glass of water tends to calm these down so I'm trying to remember to stay hyrdrated. It's hard.

According to the doctor's and averages Evie's been up to lots of important things this week. First off my little chunk should have gained nearly 4 ounces since last Wednesday! She should be measuring nearly a foot long now and should weigh more than a pound. She's already getting so big! Her lungs are also developing (preparing for those sleepless nights!!!) and bronchi are begining to develop so she can realy start to practice breathing before her arrival. Her brain is rapidly growing (although still smooth and not yet developing the wrinkles that help increase brain mass and surface area) and her taste buds are developing. I figure at this point we will really figure out what she likes to eat. So far she digs on green stuff.

I also got some good/bad news at my 24 week check up yesterday. I've only gained 3 pounds total with this pregnancy. I get that this is probably ok. I spent most of my first tri-mester way in the negative so I know some of that is making up for that loss. But, I actually lost a pound between week 20 and week 24. I feel like I eat plenty and I eat healthy. The nurses seem to think this is some sort of issue (two of them have told me it's not ok at this point) but my OB seems to think since I have never been a big gainer that the baby is gaining and I am losing. And as long as the baby is gaining then we are good! She said next time they ultrasound me (in four weeks) they will get a weight to make sure and if she is underweight then we will take action. She also said I am measuring 2 weeks further than I am. But she says that is also normal with shorties like me. Long story short, I look pregnant (no hiding that fact now), the baby is very active, she has a strong heart beat and I'm measuring well so she's not worried. That makes me feel better.

So that's us at 24 weeks!!!

Here's a view of what little bit should look like!