December 9, 2010

25 Weeks!

Evie has reached her 25 gestational weeks birthday (yesterday)! I am also thrilled that everything is going so swimmingly! Even with the hyperemesis and the placenta previa and the low weight gain, everything really is going great. I was thinking the other day with all the medical technology out there I doubt that there is a woman who will have a pregnancy with 100% normal EVERYTHING. We are so capable of detecting the tiniest abnormalities that something is bound to show up. So, bearing that in mind -- as long as I feel good and little bit continues to jiggle like jello in there, I am done worrying about little things. I think that I really know what to look for as far as major things and worrying about minor things will only stress me and Evie Bug out -- and I do not want her to be born with acid reflux like her mommy so I'm trying to create a low-stress environment for her! So mom and baby both are feeling great about this decision!

In other news, here is what Evie has been up to this week!

Right now her average size is of an eggplant! I'm betting due to her smaller parents that she's a little smaller than this (although her kicks don't feel like it!). It is amazing to think that in 21 weeks (you are considered 4 weeks at the time we found out we were pregnant) our little Poppy has gone from the size of one of  these:

all the way to the size of one of these:

From a zygote to a small human being! She's got a gender, a name, a nursery planned and a whole host of people anticipating her birth; it is really amazing! She's developing even more this week! In addition to constantly putting on wieght in the form of white fat (we HOPE HOPE HOPE!), blood capillaries are forming under and along her skin to give her that beautiful baby pink color, her hair (if she has any) is now developing a color and if we could get a peek at her we would be able to discern the color and texture! In other news, her heart beat should be audible to the human ear without aid of a stethoscope. Although the person, other than the one who put this baby in there, that tries to get close enough to me to put their ear on my belly might end up without an ear. Just sayin is all :)

In other noticable news, Evie already knows her Daddy's voice. Chris has been out of town the past few days and last night after she settled down and I got in bed, I layed my phone on my belly and put it on speaker to call Chris to say goodnight -- it took a few minutes, but that kid started jumping around like crazy in there. She was kicking me so hard the phone was jumping -- like a Mexican jumping phone! I know she knows my voice too -- but she's with me and hearing me 24/7 so I don't think she gets as excited as she does when Chris talks to her! The recognition of Chris' voice and being able to really see her move from the outside are about the coolest things that have happened this week!

This is what Evie should look like this week!

Please everyone notice where her head should be -- that is right. Straight smashed down on Mom's bladder. I don't know if it is her head or her feet but something is pressing on it causing 6-7 nightly trips to the bathroom. I think this is God's way of preparing me for the weeks after Evie's arrival. 9 1/2 months of up and down up and down and sleep disturbances won't be fun -- but at least I won't feel the sting of going without my 9+ hours straight (yes, ideally I need 9.5 to 10 hours of sleep a night I go to bed really early!) compounded with 2-3 (please Lord, no more than that) nightly feedings all at once! God knows I don't handle sudden change well at all and this is His way of preparing for it!

3 more weeks to the gluco test, the diagnostic ultrasound (prayers that the placenta has moved favorably this time as well for her weight gain) and the 4-D ultrasound where we'll get to see our precious one's face!