December 7, 2010

Jelly Belly

Well I promised y'all at least one in the beginning so here it is: a belly picture! I took this picture this morning to send my friend Katy who lives in Chicago and has yet to see the belly! There's no denying it at this point people -- I am with child. Sorry for the blurriness! Chris was gone, and I promised Katy a picture this morning!

She's getting bigger and bigger! AND I am getting bigger and bigger!

We finally settled on Evie's furniture etc.

We ended up returning the things we bought at Babies R Us due to their incredibly crappy customer service as well as their inability to correctly add percents, not to mention finding a reasonably intelligent person that works there is like finding a needle in a haystack! It's quite the tale, but I felt as though my mom should have been there to teach a math class. Long story short -- I worked in retail and I have NO patience for crappy customer service and I'll be writing a letter to their regional manager about two specific people at a specific store. It probably won't matter but it'll make me feel better.

ANYWAY -- we ended up buying Evie's furniture from JCPenney at a much better price. We also ended up switching from the dark espresso color to an antique white finish, which I LOVE.

Her nursery theme is centered around ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies! It is very cute! We will paint her room a matching green and do one wall as a tone on tone stripe (thanks for the tip Alycia!).

We won't be doing any of the actual work until January. Trying to decorate the house for Christmas and trying to clean out and deep clean and paint one room at the same time is just not going to work! :)

Anyway here is her furniture:




I won't be going quite that crazy on the decorating. I figure the bedding set and the mobile and we will be good to go. Possibly the rug. I am going to ask my wonderful mother in law to make a valance kind of like this one:

except all pink material with big red lady bug buttons instead of having the flaps over top sewn on. It's hard to explain but in my head it is cute! Then a standing lamp near the changing table and maybe one on the little table we will put next to the glider; Chris does not know about this table yet. Plus, some little shelves on the wall. Of course we will also have the obligatory wooden letters hanging on the wall with her name.

We still have a lot to do before the little one arrives! I am hoping the time goes by quickly and without stress!