January 3, 2011

28 weeks!!!

I know, I know I am late with this post too! These short weeks are killing me -- I just want to lay around! Anyway, last Thursday Chris and I had our 28 week appointment. I'll tell you the big news first! I've gained 9 pounds! I am very excited about this because the doctor has been wanting me to gain a little more weight! I know it is strange for a woman to be crowing about her weight gain, but I am. For the first time in my life I was in the odd category of women whose doctor's actually wanted them to gain weight. Totally weird. I've never been told to lose weight either so being anything other than normal healthy or a tiny bit heavy has been weird. I'm still well under average but it is a start.

Ok enough about me and onto our little Evie Bug! As the third trimester starts -- new things will be developing for Evie. Her brain in particular will be increasing in mass and developing that wrinkled look. This is when all the DHA I have been taking for months is really going to pay off -- a smart and brainy baby! I expect she'll be born and the instead of a scream we will hear the quadratic equation pop out of her mouth (hey, that is pretty advanced for a newborn). :) However, as most of her major organ systems are complete by now, this trimester she will spend gaining weight, getting her body ready to regulate its own temperature (c'mon fat little baby!) and gearing her immune system up to fight off minor infections. Her beautful little eyes now have eyelashes and she can open and close them and tell light from dark. It's pretty impressive to know that at birth humans can only focus on objects a few inches from their faces and progress to be able to see so clearly, well in my case with the aid of glasses and contacts. She should be about 14.8inches from head to toe (although, again probably shorter) and she should weigh about 2.25 lbs. Although, thanks to our 4D ultrasound we know that Evie weighs closer to 2.5lbs! She is still in the 45th percentile for her gestational age, but as confirmed by the doctor, that is completely NORMAL. It's funny how having a baby makes normal the most beautiful word in the world. Also, as babies reach the 28 week mark they have a 90% chance of surviving outside the womb with no physical, developmental or mental problems. We are getting

On the downside -- Mom has felt better. Last week I had a day where I LITERALLY thought my body was giving up. It was either give birth or die. That is how bad I felt. I've never felt so tired or painful or beat down that I can remember. I think it was a combination of not enough sleep and low blood sugar. I 've been having trouble keeping meals down (eat small small meals) and I have thrown up dinner the night before and both breakfast and lunch that day. Chris took me to dinner and I had a coke and a pot-roast sandwich and I felt much better. The doctor is still going to be testing me for anemia since that is common and really the only cause of extreme fatigue in the third tri-mester. Other than that day I've been pretty tired but not to the point I felt I would collapse like last Wednesday. I'm starting to really FEEL this pregnancy. I've started to get heartburn right on schedule, although that is not that big of a deal to me. And I am starting to notice more swelling. Funnily enough I once heard a woman describe herself in the third trimester as "an asthmatic bull in a china shop". I totally get that now. I feel like my lungs are squished up into my throat -- everything is just out of place and for a klutzy person I've never been so prone to accidents as I am now. I think I may even have to invest in a non-slip mat for the bath tub. Yikes. I do know that it'll all be worth it in the end. I think I'll spend this trimester living and breathing for my first glimpse of my baby girls face!

Here is a picture from Evie's 4D ultra sound! Sorry that it is upside down!

This is how big Evie is this week! About the size of a head of Chinese cabbage!

How far along?  28Weeks 5Days

Total weight gain/loss: 9 pounds total gain

Maternity clothes?: All maternity except for some sweat pants and sleep pants

Sleep: A little better this past week! Bathroom trips are becoming less frequent at night! Not sure how that happened -- but I am thankful! 

Best moment this week: Our 4D ultrasound!

Worst moment this week: Feeling like I was dying on Wednesday!

Movement:  She kicks like crazy!

Food cravings: Avocado, green beans, spinach, salad and apples. Oh and regular Coke.

Gender: Girl!

Names picked?: Evelyn Grace, “Evie”

Labor Signs: None yet!

Belly Button in or out? Still in, hoping it will stay that way.

What I miss: My waistline and a glass of wine with dinner. Sleeping on my stomach!

What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery done! we have lots of help coming over on the 22nd!

Milestones:  I finally gained weight and Evie is almost certain to survive birth now!