January 6, 2011

29 weeks (and counting)!

Evie reached her 29th gestational week yesterday! She is growing at a rapid place and as her brain expands she is exploring her environment with gusto and curiosity! This can even include pulling on her umbilical cord. Don't worry apparently the thing is tough enough to withstand a lot! Her bones are absorbing of 250mg of calcium per day as they harden and she gets ready for life on the outside! I know people say it is an old wives tale that you crave what your baby needs, but as her calcium needs have skyrocketed, I have really been craving milk this week. I love milk and while pregnant I have been drinking between a gallon and a gallon and a half of 2% organic milk per week. But this week I have just been craving it. The other day at work I drank three glasses. I gave up bringing my small thermos with me daily to work and I just bring it by the half gallon. Giving up 2% for skim is going to be a hard transition for me when I am trying to lose baby weight! I love my 2% milk! Yummo!

Evie seems to be really good this week. She is really really active all the time. I've been told her activity will decrease as she gets bigger and the amniotic fluid decreases. I'm just enjoying all this funny movement; this morning she was twisting all around on the way to work and it was literally tickling me! I was just laughing out loud. I have a feeling I am going to miss all these moments of time where it is only her and me. Pretty soon I will have to share her with the world -- that is both heartbreaking and exciting at the same time. I read somewhere that deciding to become a mother is making the decision to forever let your heart go walking around outside your body. I think I am grasping a small glimpse of that feeling; something I'll realize fully on the day she is born.

In other baby news we have finalized the plans for her nursery. Her bedding has been ordered and came in yesterday! It is adorable. We are going to have Home Depot match the green in her bedding for the paint for the wall. We are going to hang a few floating shelves. Get a standing lamp and a bedside lamp. Her glider has been ordered and hopefully will be in soon. And once her changing table comes in and I find the right size pink baskets we will be good to go! Then we can start putting stuff away and hanging up clothes! Oh and we have to deep clean the carpets! I'm going to see if I can borrow my parents steam mop for our hard floors to disinfect those before we come home too! Lots to do but in contrast to the week before Christmas I feel like we are actually making progress!

As far as news for the mom, I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test with flying colors and I am not anemic; I am just susceptible to low blood sugar and bouts of extreme weakness as a result. Nothing that can't be managed as long as I don't throw up. Woo hoo! I am still having some bouts of heartburn but nothing unexpected. Physically it is getting harder to move around. I find it to be especially hard to get out of the bed in the middle of the night. Trying to lug the big belly into a sitting position then to standing while attempting to avoid knocking my schnauzer Maggie to the floor (all while thinking OMG I have to PEEEEEEEEEEE!) is quite the task. However, so far I am managing ok! So as the third trimester starts it appears that I am going to have just about an ideal rest of my pregnancy. The placenta previa has gone away, Evie's weight is perfectly normal, I am finally gaining weight, she is no longer sitting breach and I have no indication of gestational diabetes or anemia. All of those things, plus the general feeling I have that she will come right around her due date, help me breathe a big sigh of relief and contentment.

Now that I am back on track for updates her are some visuals for you!

Evie is about the size of a butternut squash!

Here is her glider that Chris and I picked out! If the green is really ugly in person or does not match we are going to re-cover it in either a prettier green or a matching pink. This glider was partially chosen for its "recoverability". My mother in law is going to help me and if the next poppy is a little boy poppy we can recover it in navy or another fitting color. (Yes folks, that is me, always the planner.)

This weekend we are planning on purchasing her stroller and her car seat. We realized that we could actually get a more girly car seat since the next one won't be usable for the next baby (something to do with them wearing out and not meeting safety guidelines after a certain time, I don't know), but we still decided to go with something more gender neutral. This has always been the pattern that most attracted Chris and me. It seems comfier than any of the other car seats and I honestly like the pattern better than anything I have seen!

The stroller is (obviously) in the matching pattern. This stroller has plenty of room for the drivers stuff as well as the baby's stuff. The front tray swings open to easily put baby in when she is bigger. AND it is so easy to steer even with only one hand! We LOVE it!

That is all I've got for you today folks!