January 26, 2011

32 Weeks (Really 8 more weeks???)

We have arrived at 32 weeks! Woo hoo! Only 5 more weeks until full term! At the most only 8 more weeks until this baby is born! Thankfully, my OB will induce on my due date or a week before if baby Evie is ready and the way this little chunk is gaining weight I don't think there will be any problem with that!

Evie should be about 3.75 pounds we know from last weeks ultrasound that she already should weigh a tiny bit more than that. Right now I should be gaining about a pound a week and half of that should go straight to Evie as she continues to do one thing week after week until birth: pile on the fat! As Evie's weight increases and she continues to grow about 0.5 inches per week, her amniotic fluid will begine to decrease as she takes up more and more space. Her movement may decrease as this happens too. Part of me is looking forward to this and part of me is not. On one hand I am sick of having my kidney, stomach and pancreas beaten to death by her little feet. On the other hand since she started moving regularly I have always used it as a barometer of her well being. I guess I would trade the physcial discomfort for the reassurance that she is doing well in there! Other than growing, Evie still spends her time grasping with her hands, turning her head back and forth, probably sucking her thumb and exploring what little room she has! At this point she also has finger and toe nails and hair covering her scalp (if she has any -- which with me as her mother she should!). Her brain also continues to develop rapidly during this time (which is why I choke down the gross DHA Gesticare Fish Oil every day).

Evie should be about the size of a large jicama!

32 weeks down, 8 to go!!!