January 28, 2011

Bass Ackwards and Belly Up

You know what I don't get? Women who are ashamed of their pregnant bellies. I don't get women who constantly bemoan the exclamations of "OMG! You're huge!" and constantly look for the tiniest weight related perceived insult in every single comment, wether pregnancy related or not. Yes, people have said to me some very intesting things all revolving around the belly. The most common of which is "You look like you are about to pop." And yes, you know what? I DO look like I am about to pop. So why get my panties in a twist about it? They are just excited about a new baby. Everyone is. No one can resist a pregnant woman. No one.

I understand to some degree -- I certainly have never felt less physically attractive in my life. My hair is gross brown, it is at an awkward length, I have no waistline, my feet are swollen and about a billion other unpleasant pregnancy related results. But you know what? I bask in the pregnant glow, because even if my outside doesn't glow my heart and soul are simply radiant with love right now. So why worry if other people are commenting on your weight or not ladies? Just enjoy the glow.

Enjoy the glow even if you feel like crap, your back hurts, your belly aches, your feet are swollen, you're covered in stretch marks, your nose is constantly stuffy, your blood pressure is high and you wake up puking every morning. These people who comment on the belly only want to be in a little of that glow.

Rock the Belly.

(At least that is how I feel today. I totally reserve the right to change my mind at any given time. After all, I'm hugely pregnant!)