January 23, 2011

I got my wish...31 weeks...

Well some of you may remember that earlier I wished quite vehemently for a chubby little chunk of a baby. Well, it seems that I am getting my wish. Read on for more information on what happened at 31 weeks...

Wednesday was fine, until I took a little fall down a hill and into the chic-fil-a parking lot. Aside from being extremely embarassing and painful on my knees and elbow, I rolled down the hill, over the belly. Oops. Due to this, I started contracting and when I went in for my regularly scheduled appointment they (of course) sent me to the hospital. The visit went much like the last one with monitoring, fluids and finally two turbutaline shots.

However, in addition to all of this because I did fall down the doctor orders an ultrasound to check the placenta and the function of the different organs (Evie's organs not mine). During the ultrasound we discovered that Evie weighs in at 4lbs 3 ounces (plus or minus 10 ounces). Ok, cool. That is, cool until I read that at 31 weeks the average baby weighs in at 3lbs 3 ounces. Sooo it looks like I will be getting my little chunk of a baby after all! :)

In other news Evie should be about the size of four navel oranges this week and measure in at over 16 inches long.

I can't believe that she is so big already. She's been learning to look from side to side and moving constantly. Other than that, developing brain mass and piling on the fat (the white kind to help her maintain her own body temperature after birth) are what she has been up to!

I'm feeling about ready to burst at this point... sometimes I feel like she is trying to come out of my throat! Other than that, I am trying to decide on systemic pain medication during labor or not. I am leaning towards yes, but on the mild as possible side. I guess I will talk to the doctor about it and see what she recommends!

I'll post an update on the nursery shortly! We are so excited that is so close to being finished!