January 17, 2011

Things I Have Heard in the Past Week

Getting out of the car at Babies R Us in the "Expectant Mom" parking:

Random Lady: "Oooooh girl! You are expecting!!! When you due?"

Me: "March 23"

Random Lady: "Ooooh girl! You look bigger than that! I don't think you have that long!"

(Note that the lack of use of the verb "are" was her fault and not mine)

Gentleman at a family function:

Gentleman:"How much longer do you have left?"

Me: "Nine weeks."

Gentleman: "Nine weeks?!?!?! You don't look like you have 9 days!!!"

My house, Master Bathroom

My husband: "Can we take bets on when she'll be born?"

Me: "No"

Worker at Lowe's Hardware

Worker: "Are you ok? You aren't gonna have it anytime soon are you?"

Me: Shakes head, "No I am fine!"

You should also note -- that none of these offend me or annoy me -- except for the bets on when she will be born! This is my child not a pony race! :) I guess I'll know I am closer to having her when these things start to bother me more! Until then as long as people keep their hands of my belly without invitation (exceptions: my OB, my husband, my mom and my dad - taking the baby out, put the baby in there and gave me life -- thus earning them belly touching rights) we are all good!

I'll be back later this week to update on week 31!