February 9, 2011

34 Weeks!!!

Evie is 34 weeks today! Shew! 99% of babies born at this point go on to have no mental, physical or developmental problems! THAT is a good feeling! However, I'd prefer that little miss stays in there a few more weeks (at least until 37 for her sake). I've got things scheduled up through the 26th of February and then after that -- I'm not scheduling anything else so she is free to come! :)

At 34 weeks Evie should be about 4.75 lbs and be about 18 inches long. She continues to do one thing -- put on the fat. She has plumped out quite a bit at this point, should have hair and should be taking on that beautiful pink baby color. I can't wait to see her beautiful face and look at her eyes! I dream about the way she will smell and sound and move. It is all typical new mom stuff I am sure, but I really can't wait at this point! Evie is starting to get scrunched up in there and is about the size of a cantaloupe!

In other news, I had my 34 week checkup yesterday. It was supposed to be today but my OB said with my luck there was no way I needed to be driving in this snow we are supposed to get! haha! Evie is doing great! Her heartbeat is very strong and the fact that she hurts be so much means that she is a tough strong little thing! My baby belly is measuring about 3-4 weeks further than I actually am. Meaning, it is somewhere between 37 and 38 cm from my pelvic bone to the top of my uterus. It should be measuring nearer to 34cm. Dr. Martin seems to think that the reason I am measuring so large is because the belly and baby have no room to go up or down and can only go out. Still because of the fact that it is so much bigger, in 2 weeks at our 36 week check up she is going to an ultrasound to check and make sure that my due date doesn't need to be moved up by a week. At this point I would be completely fine with it! At 36 weeks we will also begin our weekly appointments and she will be checking me weekly for dilation and effacement. Oh joy! She told me yesterday that starting in 2 weeks I better get ready to lose my modesty (she knows how modest I am). Oh joy. I'm so not looking forward to that! I try not to think about it and just tell myself to go with the flow and that it is all part of the having a baby process and that I am not the only woman to go through this. At the end, as long as I have a healthy baby girl, it will all be worth it!

34 weeks down!!! 6 to go!!!