March 9, 2011

38 weeks...

So... today we hit 38 weeks. Too long to be pregnant. And a man definitely invented this concept and then conveniently left himself out of the hard part of the process. I am getting zero sleep (bathroom trips are closer to 8 a night now), I am starving constantly and can eat just fine, but always end up with vicious acid reflux after, my feet are swollen and constantly in pain, my back is always sore and my hips and pelvis feel like they are about to split wide open from this baby. The end of pregnancy is miserable, and I am quite certain that if medical science could bottle THIS PARTICULAR brand of misery, the teen pregnancy problem would go away. If I was dealing with this and my friends were at prom, it would suck beyond sucking.

Ok there is my tirade and vent (call it a whine and suffer the wrath...). The rest of this post will be positively positive.

Evie is doing pretty much the same thing she has been doing for awhile (making mommy miserable... haha, ok really, I am stopping now), putting on weight and finishing her lung development. Her lungs would be fine if she came now, but the longer the better for her lungs. The other big ticket item I left off a few weeks ago is that her immune system should be up and running now and she will be able to fight off mild infections when she is born. With the help of the colostrum she will get from me will be able to fight off even more. She is the size of a leek (never eaten one of these either) and is cramped and squished.

Here is some Evie trivia for y'all!

1) She likes Bruno Mars. A lot. Other than that she has a pretty eclectic taste in music. She seems to enjoy classic rock, classic hits and pop the most. She also thinks Cindy Lauper is pretty cool. I know all this because when we are in the car and I crank the music and sing, she likes to dance to all of these. Oh and she also really loves The Beach Boys. It's a good day when KQK plays The Beach Boys!

2) She loves carrots! I could eat carrots ALL. DAY. LONG. She also loves green veggies and salads (the healthiness of which is negated due to the large amount of ranch and cheese, but still). In direct contrast to all of her healthy veggie loving, she also loves chicken fried steak. And not just chicken fried steak, the kidn that is smothered in the packaged brown gravy! Thank goodness for Abbay's right down the road!

3) She is more active in the evening and the nighttime, and slow to wake up in the morning. She is like her daddy in this respect. He is definitely the night owl. I am also like my daddy in this respect, but in the opposite way. Waking up after 7:30 - 8:00am is a waste of the day in my opinion.

4) Her name is from Old English and means "bird". I didn't know this until about three days ago when I looked it up. I have been so set on her name since I was 17 that I never even knew what it meant. Because of this, one of her frames in her room is going to contain a bird image with the quote, "You were born to fly." Also, Grace comes from the Latin meaning, "God's Favor" which I think is so fitting for our baby girl. If I were one of those crazy women who re-does the nursery in the last weeks before labor during the nesting phase, I would change her whole nursery to birds. However, I am not crazy and the baby girl bird nursery is reserved for one of my friends when she has a baby girl.

That is all for now! I am still praying for labor! Really and truly only God knows when this baby will be born!