March 19, 2011

39 weeks!

Today we stand at 39 weeks and 3 days. Other than daily housekeeping, our nest is as ready as can be for our little Evie bug. Her nursery is done and we all await her arrival with bated breath. I'm telling you though, don't get too excited... she isn't coming until the 23rd. Right on time in accordance with the plan. Already a lot like her mommy.

Evie is using this last little bit of time to gain some more weight, although even that has slowed dramatically. Evie is the size of a watermelon (yeah it's fun carrying one of those strapped to your body).

A lot of women say their babies' movement slows as they reach their due date. Not mine. Evie is still extremely active and kicking. I am ok with it though as it just gives me added reassurance that she is still doing well! Here is what she should look like at 39 weeks...

Chris and I have been enjoying our last few days as "just us". We had a big breakfast this morning, complete with (virgin) mimosas, laid on the couch and then went and cleaned our cars out completely. We installed the extra base in my car (we are taking Chris' to and from the hospital just in case he has to drive fast). We spent this evening on a date together. We went and saw a move, had dinner and then went for ice cream. It was nice to get dressed up a little and enjoy each other's company without the ever present shadow of a home improvement project looming over our heads. Tomorrow will be much of the same, we plan on going out and lingering over breakfast and coffee and then spending the day just hanging out. It is our last weekend as just Sarah and Chris so we are determined to make the most of it!

Tuesday night we go in for the cervadil and Wednesday morning my labor will be induced. Evie will be 40 weeks and I am looking forward to sharing a picture of her instead a picture from BabyCenter!

39 weeks 3 days down! 4 days to go!