June 20, 2011

Evie's First Road Trip

This is going to be a long post, consider yourself warned! :)

So, last week we spent the week (with our 12 week old) in Destin, FL with my momma, daddy and little brother. Wow. What an experience that was. It was a ton of fun; but it was an experience!

First of all, let me say how impressed I am with Evie's traveling ability. Despite a few fussy moments on the drive home, she was a CHAMPION traveler. I was really worried because the last time she was in the car for over an hour and a half was on the way to Florence, AL to visit my Aunt Diana and she was a screaming hollering banshee the whole time. However, she did great!

Friday afternoon we got all of our stuff gathered in our front room and simply GAPED in AWE of the amount of STUFF that a baby adds to your luggage! Between the diapers and swim diapers and the stroller and the pack-n-play and the car seat and the THREE bags full of NECESSARY stuff we barely had room for our measly 2 bags and the dogs' crate! It was NUTS! Eva Pearl was packed to the gills but we made it work!

Friday night we left for Alabaster, AL (about 15 minutes outside of Birmingham) where we planned to stop for the night. However, just outside New Albany, MS the A/C in my pretty much brand new (not even three years old) Nissan Rogue busted. It was cooling the air and as long as we maintained a decent speed it forced cool air through and into the car. It was a just a little but at night it was very pleasant. We didn't really have a choice so we kept on. We finally made it to Alabaster around 11:30 pm. We had planned on sleeping in a little the next morning, but we could not do that because we had no A/C in the car and our two schnauzers Maggie and Peyton were with us for the trip, and we had no other way of keeping them cool. So we got up on Saturday and Chris went ahead and checked all the fuses, but none were blown. We decided to press on before the day got really hot.

Quick Diaper Change in the Middle of Nowhere, Alabama!

We drove and drove on Highway 331 almost all the way into Destin. IT. WAS. MISERABLE. It was burning up hot and there was a TON of Destin traffic keeping us from maintaining a speed high enough to force the air to circulate and cool off. Like I said though, Evie was a champ. She fussed a tiny bit b/c it was hot, but once we got a cool rag on her face she settled down. I was getting really worried though because those car seats don't breathe much to begin with and her face was getting very flushed. I was worried she would over heat. She hung in there, however, and was just as happy as we were to reach the cool bliss of the air conditioning! The schnauzers were also super and hung tough! We gave them a bone once we arrived! Later in the week we took my car to the Nissan Dealership in Fort Walton, but I won't go into that because it's pretty boring. Long story short, they fixed my car!

Then we spent a week sunning and funning (for the most part) in Florida! We took Evie to the beach 3 times. Once at dusk and twice during the day. She did ok during the day. She napped for about 30-45 minutes on the beach each time so Chris and I got to actually get in the ocean (don't worry she wasn't unattended my mom and dad kept an eye on her)! She loved the swimming pool! It was a really tiny party pool so it was pretty warm and she liked to just float around and splash. She really and truly LOVES the water! She is just like her dad and me! She also really enjoyed getting to spend a lot of time with her Nana, Grampa and Uncle William. Although, I think she enjoyed her uncle the most! She has really taken a shine to him and likes to grin and goo at him. Maybe one day he will consent to a poopy diaper change! Haha! Fat chance!

Spending some time in the pool with Daddy!

Getting ready to go to the ocean for the first time!

Daddy and Evie on the beach!

Family Picture on the Beach

Napping on the beach!

Hanging with Uncle PDW!

On Monday Chris and I celebrated our second anniversary! The original plan was to drive somewhere nice for dinner, but my car was in the shop and we didn't want to leave Momma and Daddy car-less with the baby so we opted to walk about a quarter mile down the beach to Pompano Joe's for dinner. On the walk down there we saw a huge angry storm cloud headed our way. It was so dark that it was practically black. We made it to the restaurant before the bottom dropped out; however, we did not make it IN the restaurant and ended up standing outside in the cold rain for an hour waiting for a table! We laughed about it though because we knew that we were making memories!

The storm coming in...

Wednesday Momma and I met my best friend Erin and her mom at the outlet mall to do some shopping. They were staying in Pensacola and made the drive over for the day. We ended up shopping for way longer than intended and practically limped home. However, I got some really cute stuff for me and some new Polo T-shirts for Chris. I also found some super adorable stuff for Bug! Evie really racked up from her Nana too! She got lots of cute outfits for later on this Summer and into the early Fall!

On Thursday Daddy chartered a boat to take Chris, William and himself deep sea fishing, and they came back with quite a haul! They all three caught their limit of red snapper, trigger fish and king mackerel. William also caught a barracuda! I was quite disappointed to learn that they left the barracuda with the captain of the boat, but he said he really liked it and they still brought back a TON of fish! That night I made dinner for everyone that consisted of red snapper and trigger fish which were pan fried and topped with a lemon butter and white wine reduction; cheddar, parmesan and garlic mashed potatoes; steamed green beans with sea salt; fresh homemade bruschetta and a homemade key lime pie. It sounds fancier than it was, although it was pretty tasty. We ended up with a TON of fish leftover and Chris and I got to take some home, along with a pound of gulf shrimp! Yum! I LOVE Red Snapper; it is arguably my favorite fish out there so I am super excited! We are already planning on fish sandwiches later this week!

The Catch of the Day!

*the barracuda is the fish to the right of the third red snapper on the top*

Saturday we headed back home to Mississippi in our lovely air conditioned car! All of our stuff barely fit, but we made it!

All in all it was a great trip! Evie was a fantastic little road-tripper and did great in a new environment! She had her fussy moments but mostly I knew how to handle them and get her calmed down so it wasn't that big of a deal! She's really turned from a super fussy INCREDIBLY high maintenance baby into a really happy little girl! We have had so much fun with her these past three weeks and are so grateful she was so good on our trip! We are so looking forward to next year!!!