June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

This past weekend we celebrated the birth of one Mr. David Agustus Smith, "Gus". Gus is a very special little boy; Chris and I both love him like our own family. Chris went to Highschool with Gus' dad, Stephen. They were not good friends then, but as chance had it they ended up working together in USI at FedEx. They became good friends and soon introduced Libba (Stephen's wife/Gus' mommy) and me. From there we all became fast friends. Not very long after, Chris and I got to know Libba's twin sister Sarah (collectively we make up "The Sarahs"). Within the year Sarah met (or I guess "re-met") and married the love of her life Jason Taylor. We've also met (and now have the pleasure of calling our friends) most of the people we regularly hang out with through Stephen and Libba. They have honestly and openly welcomed us into their "tribe" since day one. I cannot imagine life now without Stephen, Libba and their two boys and Sarah and Jason. They are the kind of friends you fiercely call family; the ones you unflinchingly and unabashedly share the truth of your life with, even when the truth isn't pretty. They are the ones who you know better than people you have known your whole life because you habitually share the ins and outs of your life with them. They know the minute details that are lost in the hour long catch up lunches or coffee dates oftened shared with other close friends. In the tapestry of our life their threads are woven in gold, rich, shiny and indelible.

Now, on to Gus' party!!! Wow! What a fun day! This year the theme was "Little Buckaroo". There were pony rides, a water balloon toss, a pinata, a TON of food and drinks such as "Tijuana Tarantula Spit" and "Mississippi Moonshine" (really just coke, of course). I got to Holly Springs early to help Libba and Sarah set up for the party and Chris arrived with Evie a few hours later and was the official photographer so mom and dad could enjoy the party!

Gus's BIG present was a John Deere Hot Wheels Tractor! He was so excited to see it! This little boy is obsessed with lawnmowers! If he just hears one you will soon hear happy squeals of "MONMOWER! MONMOWER!". He rode around on it immediately and then woke his dad up at 6:50am Sunday claiming he had to "teetee", when really "teetee" is code for "ride my new tractor"! He is such an adorable little boy, which is easy to say when I'm not the one woken up at 6:50am! I have been completely head over heels in love with him since they moment I first saw him! He is the most high energy person I have ever met, but he is so easy to love because his heart is so sweet.

As chance would have it on Sunday Stephen had to take Libba to the doctor (she hurt her leg pretty badly on Friday night, but being SUPERMOM made it through Saturday even though she could barely walk), so Chris and I got babysit their other son Leo. Leo is 18 days younger than Evie so we got to experience a little bit of life with twins. It was great fun, and I even managed to bathe Leo and change his diaper without getting sprayed! I think Chris also enjoyed the gender support!

Here are some photos of Gus' birthday party!

Gus with his Daddy as he rode the pony into his party

Gus and me! He was high fiving Chris!

Friends and Family Visiting

Baby Brother Leo!

Seeing his tractor!

Riding his new tractor!

Evie and her uncle JJ

Family Picture

Evie hanging out with Daddio on Sunday morning

Leo came to visit and hung out with Uncle Chewis too!

SUCH a happy boy!

*Special thanks to Libba Smith for allowing me to tell the story of her baby's party and share pictures of her beautiful boys!*