June 9, 2011

Jitters and Jolts

Here it is my third cup of coffee today and it's not even noon yet. Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to coffee.

Lately, I've been drinking way too much coffee. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much when you consider that according ALL of my GI doctors coffee is a huge no-no on the ARD/GERD/IBS diet. But I just can't kick the habit and lately I've been so exhasuted after going back to work that I can't turn it down. I walk into the break room kitchen, ostensibly to get that big glass of water I should be drinking. And there it is. Staring at me, the coffee pot full of liquid so alluring to me, it's like the nectar of the god's. And usually I break down. One last cup my inner monologue reasons, one more cup. And it's goooood. Hot and steamy. I clutch the cup (a brand new clean one since I resolutely rinsed my cup from my first two cups and stowed it in the dishwasher) in my cold fingered grasp and it's almost as if I am absorbing energy along with the warmth.

I know I should switch back to the box of caffiene free Earl Gray that sits in my office or possibly to something more trendy, shall we say, like green tea but I can't I just can't.

I need my jolt and I just can't quit the coffee.