July 22, 2011

4 Months!

My darling Evie Bug, you are four months old today! I say that with a little tinge of sadness. How quickly you are growing up! You want to put everything (except rice cereal) in your mouth. You love to chew on your baby spoons! Your favorite toy right now is a little bear lovie from your Auntie Leslie. We had it on a shelf for awhile and I noticed you staring at it every morning so last Saturday I took it down and handed it to you. You said a happy "oooh" "aaah" and promptly began eating his nose! I'm going to be washing it a lot because you love to drool all over it. Last night after we rocked and snuggled for a long time, I looked through my pictures on my iPhone, starting with the most recent and moving backward to the oldest. It was like watching your life in reverse! You are so big and so smart already, and I can't tell you how proud your Momma and Daddy are to be your parents!

Evelyn Grace: A Four Month Retrospective