July 11, 2011

Help for Comments!

This is from my friend Erica B's blog! I just fixed mine and I don't think I was having problems but I may have been! I have tried to comment on a few people's blogs and can't lately! I think it is worth a try for everyone!

Anyway -- an easy copy and paste:

Issues are springing up when it comes to commenting on posts.  Where the problem seems to lie is with the blog poster, not the commenter.  I read that blogger is having some bugs worked out when it comes to that, but here are some settings that seem to get around the problem.

  • After signing into blogger, go to the "Settings" tab.
  • Then go to the "Comments" tab under Settings
  • Under the 2nd category that says "Who Can Comment" click on "Anyone"
  • Then under the 3rd category that says "Comment Form Placement" click on "Full Page"

I followed these directions and as far as I know people are able to comment on my posts like normal.  So... if you are having a lack in comments, check your settings, because it could be that people can't get it to go through.