July 26, 2011

Lakes, Doctors and Inventions, oh my!

It has been a busy and eventful three days in the Evans household!


Friday night Chris and I left for Pickwick Lake for the weekend, while Bug stayed behind with her Grammie and Grampie. I had a little bit of anxiety over leaving her. It certainly was not the first time she has spent the night her grandparents, but it was the farthest I had ever been away from her in a year.

Despite some battery troubles, we had a great day out on the lake! We spent most of our time swimming around our favorite cove and came back to the cabin happily exhausted and quite sunburned!

See the rainbow in the upper right corner?

The next morning after breakfast at Cafe St. Claire with my parents we went to a store next to the Pickwick Supermarket called "Spoiled Rotten". Evie got an adorable lobster pinafore for this summer and a sweet little lady bug pinafore for next summer! Then we headed down to a little chotszky shop, where Chris found a pink onesie that says Lake Baby on it, so of course we had to get it for her and order one for next year!

After we got back home, we both took super quick showers and went to meet Chris' parents for sushi and supper at Osaka! We were both so excited to see Evie! I was so happy I didn't even mind when she chewed on my shirt and completely drenched the sleeve and neck in drool! After supper, Chris' mom showed us all the clothes she got Evie on her recent trip to Toronto! She got her a ton of JoeFresh onesie pajamas! I found out about this brand when I received a set of the onesie PJ's from a friend during my KK's baby shower. Evie has since outgrown those onesies even though they are 3-6 months. She came back with enough PJ's to outfit Evie until she is 2 years old! I am so excited because these are my favorite PJ's for Evie they are so soft and just the right weight of material. I LOVE them!

When we got back from dinner we found a HUGE box sitting outside our door. I knew it had to be a baby gift since I had not ordered anything recently. We saw on the return address label that it was from Chris' Aunt Sue and Uncle Addison. I knew right away that it would be something sweet and adorable, something we had not registered for, something a little fancy and something very special for Evie to treasure always (that is just how Aunt Sue and Uncle Addison roll). I was right. Inside the box was a beautiful, tiny china tea set for Evie. It is absolutely precious! It made my inner girly girl sigh. I am already dreaming of the tiny cookies I'll make for playing Tea Party.

Monday we had the pleasure of taking Evie to get her 4 month old shots. She was actually really good. She is 16lbs and 6 ounces, and 25 inches long. That puts her in the 90th percentile for weight and the 75th for height. She perfectly demonstrated her new found ability to roll over, and grinned at Dr. Fes when he said she was a good sleeper. Evie even smiled at the nurse just before she gave her the shots. She cried for a little bit, but not long. She mostly slept the rest of the day. I gave her some Tylenol so she didn't run fever, and other than that she was just her perfect smiley self. After we got home I downloaded Babywise II to my kindle and started reading it. It's really for ages 5-15 months but I'd like to have a firm grasp on the content before she reaches that point (I plan on doing a whole post on babywise at some point in the future, but in case you are wondering, chris and I LOVE this parenting approach.). During her 4 o clock feeding she just didn't seem really interested in eating so I decided to try some rice cereal again. Lo and behold, it worked. Well, it kinda worked. There were no tears, no grimaces and no screams. I am not sure how much she actually swallowed BUT she seemed to enjoy it a little more and actually opened her mouth for the spoon a few times. So, progress. I'm not trying to rush her or anything so I am just gonna try it a few times a week until she gets the hang of it and not stress about it. I am also looking into the concept of Baby Led Weaning but that might not be the ticket for us.

Now. About this invention. You heard me mention that Evie rolled over for Dr. Fesmire. Over the weekend (go figure that I am gone) she just figured out rolling over from her back to tummy.

Yay! Except she has not mastered tummy to back yet. Being my child, of course she learns opposite. So in the night, she will flip from back to tummy. Not a big deal, except she hates to be on her tummy. So since she can't get back over, she cries and wakes Mommy & Daddy up to come flip her back over. Well, this is not going to work. She's not hungry, she doesn't want social visits in the middle of the night and quite frankly we have enjoyed the last 6 weeks of sleeping 11 hours straight. And we aren't talking about just up once, this is about three times So Chris Googled and came up with this:

This is a towel that is duct taped to her mattress pad. We put the sheet back over it and laid her in the snuggly little center. She slept like a baby (haha) and so did we. I actually called the pediatrician today to make sure this was ok and was laughingly told it was fine. The nurse said it was better than letting her create the same bad sleep habits that we worked so hard to get rid of.

We really had a wonderful weekend, and even though she had to get shots, we enjoyed the extra time with our little sweetness!

I hope everyone else out there had a fabulous weekend as well!