July 20, 2011

Rice Cereal is Evie's Nemesis

Lately, we speak two words in hushed panicked tones, hoping that our little angel doesn't over hear us and somehow with her four month old reasoning skills deduce our evil plot:  RICE. CEREAL. Evie hates hates hates this stuff. Every time she sees the spoon coming towards her mouth that bottom lip pokes out and starts to quiver (I mean, could she be any more like her momma?). Should you find the courage to continue and bring the spoon to her mouth a look of total disgust will cross her face, attempt to put the spoon in her mouth and her faces squinches up and turns red. If you dare press on further and actually put some cereal in her mouth, you will soon hear the telltale eh, eh, ehs that preceed a major fit. Should you choose to continue down this dangerous path, you will be rewarded with a face full of rice cereal, big fat crocodile tears, a tomato faced baby and a hissy fit that includes, screaming, wailing, an accusing look in her eyes and arching her back in an attempt to get away from the terrible gruel that her mean momma is forcing upon her. I must confess I am weak. After trying about four times and getting the same response, I have given up. I HATE for her to get that upset. Sigh.

Anyone out there have a baby who hated rice cereal? I've been told in no uncertain terms by her pediatrician that rice cereal is strictly forbidden in the bottle. I can't tell if she doesn't like this in comparison to her bottle or if she hates the taste. I mean I know the rice cereal tastes gross, but formula isn't coconut cream pie flavored either (Yes, I have tasted both. What? I am an adventurous eater.). I got some green apple and banana flavored rice cereal at Kroger the other day so I guess we will try that. I can only hope she will like it better.

If you have any helpful tips please leave them here for me. I beg of you. I'm at my wits end...