August 4, 2011


We are currently, along with the rest of the good ole U.S. of A., experiencing a record breaking heat wave. We are miserable but I can't help thinking about all of the homeless people and animals out there. It breaks my heart. At least we have A/C to get out of the heat, even if our house still gets up to 80 degrees, it is better than the 124 degree heat index outside.

So since I've been greeted by this sight almost daily when I get in my car to go home,

I've been picking Evie up from Daycare, and taking her home, wiping her down with a wipe to cool her off and then just letting her hang out in her diaper until nap time.

On top of the heat, Evie and I are both sick. Which, for me, means I've already progressed to a sinus infection and in the next few days, I'll hit bronchitis. Again. Second time since the beginning of June. For Evie this means that eating, sleeping and everything becomes a challenge because she can't breathe. This morning it was take a few sips of milk, take a breath, take a few sips of milk, take a breath and repeat. Plus, like all of us, I think she doesn't want to eat because it is so hot outside. It also means that I have to use the saline drops on her and the evil nose sucker thing (that's a technical term by the way). She hates the saline drops but I can't get anything out of her nose without them. This is pretty much the only time she really really cries anymore. It hurts my heart so bad to have to hold her down and do something that I know must be uncomfortable for her (otherwise why would she cry so much?) even though I know it is helping her! We have to have lots of snuggles and rocks and kisses afterwards. I now know what my mom meant when she said this hurts me more than it hurts you.

I've also been waiting until the sun goes down to cook. Otherwise I just get overheated in the kitchen.

This is a boring post I know, but really that's what we have been doing lately: coping with the oppressive heat and trying to get back healthy.