August 23, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

I have without a doubt (in my mind) the most beautiful, perfect, sweet and adorable baby to ever grace this earth.

She is a living doll.

She is also quite chunky. Quite quite chunky.

And if one more person says to me, "Oh don't worry, she'll grow out of that and slim down!" I might actually let some sarcastic comment slip out instead of the gritted teeth smile I normally give, because I'm sorry, is there something to worry about?

Did you, (random passerby, person I've just met or cashier at the grocery) just imply that there is something less than perfect about my rosy cheeked adorable baby? If you did you might want to step back because I am about to go Mama Bear on the next person who implies my daughter is less than perfection.

On the flip side, my heart melts for the people who don't comment, other than to say I LOVE a chunky baby, or I love her little rolls, because I do too.

Her little sausage toes make a fantastic morning snack.

And, Evie, she's perfect.

Anyone else out there run into this sort of nonsense?