August 16, 2011

How to Bottle Feed Chicken Noodle Soup

Evie's got bronchitis. That is even less fun than NO fun. Zero fun, sir!

Chris was gone Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights on his annual guys outing to the lake. This was the last one before his good friend Nick gets married so they were all partyin' it up like it was 1999. I mean except for the million text messages I got asking for pictures of Evie. Ok, maybe not a million but, at least six.

Some of our pictures for Daddy (excuse the quality these are taken with the iPhone reverse camera):

Saturday Evie started coughing so bad she was throwing up. Once I just let her throw up in my hand because I knew I didn't have time to get to the sink and well, what're you gonna do when your kid is sick? She did it two more times on Sunday morning while we were waiting on Chris to get home. So, I decided to take her to the doctor because I have had bronchitis (the kind that lingers around forever) for two weeks now. We went to the doctor and sure enough bronchitis it was. I'm hoping this was a fluke and that this does not mean that Evie will be taking after her mommy! The doctor put her on a z-pack (did you know those things came in liquid form?) they won't put her on penicillan until she is 2 because I am so allergic to it and sent us on our merry way.

Here she is completely fascinated by the "other" baby in the mirror. Also, don't you think she looks like a little ginger haired baby here?

The nurses kept asking me, "What do you feed that baby?!?" I just keep responding with "Miracle Grow!" I also get asked all the time if my husband is a real big guy (I'm only 4'11"-ish). I mean, no not exactly, he is only 5'8" (ish). On the short side of normal. I don't know how we got this gigantor baby, but I sure do love her!

Evie had a little bit of a rough night after that. She didn't want to nap after the excitement of the doctor's office and Daddy coming home. All she wanted was to be held or be in her jumper. So it was a long afternoon because she just kept getting fussier and fussier. But all in all she was wonderful and very smiley and happy in between fussy bouts!

Now is a good time to note that I LOVE Evie's pediatrician's office. They have a clinic open 7 days a week and early morning hours AND evening hours. I can't tell you how happy I was to be able to take Evie to an actual Pediatrics East office on Sunday instead of the LeBonhuer walk in clinic on Winchester! Her doctor (and mine growing up) is Dr. William Fesmire (we call him Dr. Bill or Dr. Fes). He is so awesome! From the time Evie was released from NICU until now he has just been amazing. He is caring but also very practical! I'm so pleased that he is able to care for my baby! Anyway if you are in the Memphis area, that's my plug for Ped's East.

All in all it was a good weekend. It gave me a lot of confidence to be able to be alone with Evie for that long. I didn't even have a hint of anxiety!