August 31, 2011

My Mom is a Blonde

Yesterday I came home and got straight down to business. I had bottles and nipples to wash, a dishwasher FULL of dishes to put away, the world's three largest sweet potatoes to roast so I could start making baby food, a load of laundry to get done, and floors to sweep!

Normally after work, I try to play with Evie until it's time for her to go down for her late evening nap (6p-7p). I save the householdy stuff to do during her nap, so I am not losing time that I could be spending with her.

Yesterday though, I had so much to do. I figured I would plop her down in her bouncer and chat with her while I moved around the house.

I rushed in, let the dogs out, gave Evie some quick kisses, stuck her in her bouncer and walked to the kitchen to run the water to wash her bottles for the day.

When I came back I found this:

She was all like, "Hey mom, I'm in here backwards! I think your blonde highlights are working too well! Perhaps you could turn me around now?"

Oops. Oh well, at least she was pretty stinkin' cute sitting there!

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