August 28, 2011

Practical Advice For Moms to Be

Ok I get it. All of us moms are pregnant for the first time once, and oh my goodness gracious -- the advice. So annoying, right?

Some of my least favorite advice...

Just suck on a lemon drop, it'll make that nausea go right away. Have you tried ginger, or ginger ale?

They are easier to take care of on the inside than on the out!

Sleep while you can!

Just sleep while the baby sleeps...

And about a million others. However, I did get some really good advice along the way, things I use that really help us out!

1) As soon as you are comfortable, start buying baby crap. We waited until I was 24 weeks and the baby was considered viable. Every time you visit Target, wal-mart, Kroger or Babies R Us, pick up something. Grab a package of pacifiers, a thing of diapers, some wipes, a thing of sippy cups or bibs etc. We did this, focusing mainly on the diapers. We bought diapers exactly twice when I was on maternity leave. That was hugely helpful. We still haven't even been through one thing of Dreft. We've probably got enough to last us until she is over a year old, and I am not joking.

2) Sign up for EVERYTHING. Seriously. Go to Gerber, Enfamil, Similac, Pampers, Huggies, Carters, and Amazon Mom and sign up for everything. Set up a separate email if you have to cause you are about to get BLOWN. UP. But it is worth it. They send you free stuff and coupons GALORE. It is so helpful because a lot of that stuff is expensive!

3) Don't go crazy buying toys or clothes until after your baby shower(s). You will get a ton of stuff. Until you are done with your baby shower(s) focus mainly on the essentials!

4) Double all of your meals that you can the month and a half before the baby is due. Freeze the un-eaten portion.

5) Get cleaning supplies just for the nursery. Stash them in the closet or somewhere handy. Why? Because babies pee and poop, like, a lot. Trust me, you'll be glad you've got those lysol wipes at the ready when that adorable little bundle has a the blow out to end all blow outs. Get some oust or some other air freshener and a thing of lysol to spray in the diaper pail. It just keeps things sanitary.

6) Don't buy a diaper Genie. I repeat. Don't. Buy. A. Diaper. Genie. My friend Libba passed this piece of invaluable advice on to me. They don't work. You end up with poo everywhere. (Supposedly). We went with the cheapest diaper pail out there. The Safety First Diaper Pail. It is amazing. It takes regular garbage bags, it completely contains the smell, and it has a place for an air freshener thing which I have heard you can stick the scented trees in there (we've never felt the need to deodorize so I don't know).

7) Don't have too many expectations. You don't know where this crazy ride is going to take you, but I promise, your experience will be unique and joyful!

This is seriously the best advice I got in the nine months I spent growing little Evie and I am so glad I listened to (most) of it.