August 30, 2011

What's the Happs?

It was a long long weekend y'all!

So long that I don't actually remember what we did Friday night... hrrrmmm... Mommy brain?

I do know that we had a girls night out ya'll on Saturday! We ventured to downtown Memphis for the Miss Gay Heart of America Pageant. It's a drag pageant. O --- M --- G! It was an experience for sure. Some of the stuff I was like, what are y'all doing? Some though, was amazing and took some true talent! One of the ladies (when in drag they are referred to in the female) seriously did ballet EN POINTE for her talent. Pretty amazing all in all. I didn't get any good pictures, though!

Sunday morning we all dragged our selves out of bed after oh, five hours of sleep or so for baby Leo's Baptism! It was so sweet! I'm so glad to be his Godmother! The reception after was wonderful, and the food was amazing because as usual, Libba's cooking never disappoints! :) I'll post pictures of Leo's Baptism later -- my MIL has them now! I can't wait to see them!

Here are some cuties I shot on Friday night and Sunday after the Baptism!

I love the one on the bottom! Seriously! It melts my heart! She has such a happy smile!