August 19, 2011

Y3W: Cleaning This Gun

Last night on the way home, my husband informed me that he listens to Rodney Atkins' "Still Cleaning this Gun" about "five times a day."

Poor Evie her boyfriends don't stand a chance, because it won't be just Daddy sitting there. It'll be Daddy and Uncle Stephen and Uncle JJ (they've got it all planned out) and probably Grampa, Grampie and Uncle William too.

This little girl has no idea about the insanity that is the family she was born into!

Come on in boy, sit on down, and tell me about yourself. So you like my daughter do you now? Yeah we think she's something else. She's her daddy's girl, her momma's world. She deserves respect that’s what she'll get, now ain't it son? Y’all go out and have some fun. I'll see you when you get back, probably be up all night still cleanin' this gun.