September 27, 2011


When we picked up Evie on Sunday morning after my aunt's memorial service and rockin party* on Saturday, she had the worst cough and RIVERS of snot running out of her nose.

We took her to Ped's East that afternoon (drove straight from the lake house to the pediatricians) only to be told it was a runny nose and a cough from post nasal drip. BUT she did have an ear infection.

Whaaaaa? I never got ear infections as a child. This is a totally foreign concept to me (despite the fact that I, actually, just had one) kids get ear infections? Common I guess.

Then she ran high fever and cried.

Then I decided to stay home with her on Monday due to said high fever and the fact that she obviously felt like crap.

L.O.N.G day. Seriously. If I put that baby down she lost her EVER.LOVING.MIND y'all.

I thought the whole loss of bathroom privacy thing didn't start until the toddler age. Nope. Not in my family.

Evie expects to be taken in there with you and to sit on your lap while you pee. Fun.

Seriously though, she just wanted to lay on me all day long. And while, it was hot and sweaty, and yes, I got spit up on a few times, I enjoyed my extra snuggles, because extra baby snuggles are pretty good, any way you can get them.

*My Aunt proved once again this weekend that she's a pretty amazing woman. After a very touching, moving and heart felt service, the family led the rest of the guests to an awesome party to celebrate the wonderful woman that my Aunt was and the amazing life she led. While I know my Uncle Bo and cousins pulled off some major mechanics, at the same time deeply grieving nonetheless, I could see touches of my Aunt everywhere I looked. There were some tears at the party (guilty, duh) but mostly the atmosphere was light, convivial and full of laughter. Just like my aunt.