September 23, 2011

Y3W: Cloth Diapering Redux


They are here! So cute!

I'm so confused already.

Also, with my Aunt's funeral this weekend I haven't had time to get a proper type of detergent for them, so it'll probably be next week before we actually start using them!

I'm also confused by the inserts -- I'm going to have to have Libba show me how they work! They seem pretty thin! I hope they don't leak overnight. We had a massive one last night and I hate when I pick baby girl up and she smells like urine in the morning. I just think how yucky I would feel if I woke up urine soaked! Poor babe!

I'm trying to decide what detergent to use... I think I will start with the ALL small and mighty. I have to make sure it's not enzymatic though. Then I will switch to the Rockin Green.

{What is your favorite detergent to use on your diapers? Any suggestions?}