September 16, 2011

Pulling the Trigger on Cloth Diapers

We've been talking about it for two years now.

Evie is almost 6 months old.

{We've decided to make the change to cloth diapers.}

AND -- Today we are taking the plunge.

At first we are going to try part time cloth diapering. I am a full time working mommy so I want to see how I do at it before we ask the daycare to get on board. I know people who do it and work full time, so I know it can be done. The question is if I can do it without getting overwhelmed and having a panic attack. So for now we will cloth diaper at night and on the weekends.

I did the math and these diapers will pay for themselves in about four month's time including the extra cost of running the washing machine.

We are going to be using the BumGenius 4.0 One Size diapers.

We found this deal at The Green Nursery and that is just about $1 off of the cost of singletons, so we will start with 12. Libba and Stephen use these diapers on their boys. So does our friend Jess. I started to research other brands of diapers (FuziBunz, Kissaluvs and Thirsties) but I seriously became OV-ER-WHELMED!!! So, I just decided to go with what two women who I trust and respect recommend.

I have to tell you I am completely terrified a little nervous about this. There is so much to remember.

Here are the major things I have learned so far:

  • Drying your diapers in the sun is for some reason better. I don't know why.
  • Even though it sounds counter intuitive, using less soap on cloth diapers is the way to go. This is because using too much soap causes a layer of oil and grime to acumulate on the diaper. This layer grows bacteria causing that horrible barn yard smell AND it repels the urine sometimes causing leaks.
  • Always wash poo diapers in a cold rinse first to get leftover poo off and not set the stain.
  • Stay away from enzymatic cleaners. Those cause diaper rash. Not sure why.
There is a ton of information out there. I am research FIEND so I'll be doing my reading.

I'll be sure to update!

If there are any tips you have I'd love them! Anyone else out there make the transition to cloth from disposables a little later?