September 30, 2011

Y3W: What a Week

{I've NEVER been so glad to see a Friday.}

Monday I had a sick babe.

Tuesday I was sick and the A/C went out.

Wednesday I spent three hours at the doctor's office (hopefully it is worth it and this "aggressive treatment" will knock out the crap that I've had for three months now) and felt like I was dying all day.

Wednesday A/C fixed! Praise Jesus!

Thursday our female boxer attacked our oldest female schnauzer Maggie. Blood, mud and mess everywhere. Thank God I have lots of Vet stuff on hand and one of my best friends is a vet and I can call her panicking, so I got Maggie all cleaned up and soothed. (I should also mention there was nary a drop to drink in the house -- and after that I felt like I needed a shot of firewhiskey to sooth my nerves.)

Friday morning boxer attacks Maggie again. I don't know what we are going to do with her. Literally.

Oh, and this whole time -- Evie has felt crappy, I've felt crappy and Hubby? Oh he's been out of town.

He'll be back today!!! Bring on 5pm Friday!!!

****UPDATED**** Hubby's flight delayed 1 then 2 hours, then CANCELLED for complete mechanical breakdown of the plane. $@#!&^%%%%$@&!^#%#&@&@%^@#&@*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah -- bring on the tequila.