October 18, 2011

FAIL: Mom Brain

Today I am linking up with Mama G at Growing Up Geeky  for Toddle Along Tuesday to discuss our FAIL moments as parents.

When I was first pregnant, I didn't believe in baby brain and I was wrong.

Then before I had Evie I would think that mommy brain was a myth. Why I didn't learn my lesson the first time I don't know, but I firmly believed in the power of organization and lists. I've been proved wrong again. See the below evidence of my Mommy brain in the past FOUR days.

Also, note that these pictures are re-creations of actual events that happened. Also, yes, my trashcan is disgusting, washing it is on one of those lists I so firmly believed in. Maybe it'll get done one day.

Exhibit A: My husband opens the trashcan and chuckles to himself. "Ummm, honey, come look at this." he says with a smirk. Doh. No Sarah. Dish towels do not go in the garbage. I thought I had put it in the washing machine.

Exhibit B: Clean bowls that ended up in the refrigerator on top of some half eaten queso from a few weeks ago. The cabinet right beside the fridge is where they normally go. I had no clue where Evie's bowls had gone until I opened the fridge and saw them there. ::facepalm::

Maybe the universe is punishing me for my disbelieving ways. If that is the case, then universe, I totally already believe in "Toddler Mommy Brain".

In any case, at least the cause of all this nonsense is pretty darn cute!

And PS -- Her Daddy is so screwed when she pulls that face on him in two years. Not mommy though, mommy is tough.

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