October 31, 2011

Fresh GraNOLA Review and Giveaway!

When I first started cloth diapering I was pretty nervous. I didn't really know what I was doing, especially in terms of detergent! Then I met Myndee, the brains behind FreshGraNOLA a line of fantastic all natural household products. Myndee contacted me and asked if I would like to try out some of her just for cloth diapers detergent as well as some of her all-natural laundry detergent. Umm, yes! Any time I can get more chemicals out of my house I'm excited. Plus, she's super sweet, easy to work with and a lover of one of my favorite Southern cities!

After eagerly awaiting the arrival of my package, I was so excited to open my mailbox and find a great big bag of the Wash Day scented powder and a great big bag of the Cloth Diaper Detergent. You can see how much of it I have used!

Now here is where I tell you a bit about me. I'm a scent junkie. I opened up that big bag of Wash Day detergent, took a big ole whiff and thought -- "I want to take a bath in this stuff!". Normally I use a very specific ratio of Tide:OxyClean:Downy to achieve the scent results I want out of my laundry. I was eager to find out if Wash Day would pull through for me. I put the Wash Day powder through some serious tests. First, it was the gross blanket my big, stinky boxers sleep on. Second, it was a dog bed my schnauzers puked on. Third, a ginormous load of wet towels I left in the washer for TWO days, on purpose y'all.

And Wash Day? It totally came through. One wash was all it took for all three of my stinky tests. Plus, when I use it I barely need any fabric softener. My clothes come out of the dryer feeling softer and cleaner than they ever did with my secret ratio of commercial laundry soaps. I'm totally a convert. Sorry Tide.

 {happy schnauzers in a clean bed}

Now, time for the BIG KAHUNA, the cloth diaper detergent.

My kid has super sensitive skin. Sensitive to the point where we slathered her up in Desitin every night before bed and she only wore Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers. Change one of those factors and diaper rash central. Then she started sleeping on her stomach and those diapers started to leak every single night. So we decided to try cloth diapering; I knew I could double stuff the front and everyone I talked to told me the same thing: It's better for her skin! It'll prevent diaper rash! After an initial wash in All Small and Mighty I was excited to go sans Desitin. Imagine my dismay when I opened her diaper to find it: raging diaper rash. Sigh. Hmmm. Guess Desitin it is.

Enter the FreshGraNOLA diaper detergent. I immediately re-washed all of my diapers to see if this could solve our problem. I was thrilled to find that the FreshGraNOLA detergent really helped with Evie's diaper rash. We still have a breakout once in awhile but there is still a night and day difference!
Aside from being super gentle on Evie's little bum, I found it to do a great job just as a detergent. I had no stink issues and no staining issues. I even did a soak on our diapers this past weekend to try and get some of the Desitin stains out and it helped a lot.

 {hanging out diaper rash free in my BumGenius 4.0s}

Since I am so excited about FreshGraNOLA's line of all-natural products and because Myndee is awesome, she is offering to giveaway one of two prizes to one of my fabulous readers! Lucky y'all!

The winner will receive either a box of FreshGraNOLA's fabulous all-natural diaper detergent and a scented room spray of his/her choice OR a box of FreshGraNOLA's All Natural Laundry Powder.

This is a Rafflecopter Giveaway. It will run from today, Monday October 31st through next Tuesday November the 8th. The winner will be chosen Wednesday November 9th and notified by email. The first entry is mandatory and the last one you can do daily for more entries! If you have trouble with Rafflecopter email me!


While I was supplied the products reviewed here at no cost, my opinions are 100% my own and honest.