October 3, 2011

How it Happened

I don't know how it happened, but it did, and overnight, too.

Saturday I dropped off the adorable little human nugget that was my baby with my Mom and Dad.

She stayed with them all day and all night.

{Hooray! She's missed her Nana, Grampa and Uncle William.}

Then we met my family for breakfast Sunday morning and to perform operation baby switch back.

And my baby was gone. There in her place was a big girl. She was proudly sitting straight up in her highchair eating butternut squash. She was laughing. She was looking all around and grinning at passerby (except one random old dude with creepy eyebrows and nose hair who got all up in her face; he made her cry). She was laughing and talking.

We took her to Lowe's and Home Depot (nice little Sunday) and she was as good as gold.

She cracked up at EVERYTHING all day long. Daddy was hilarious. Mommy was hilarious (slightly less so, but I'm better for cuddles so it's ok). Her dog Rocky Top was super hilarious. The cat walking by was hilarious. I'm telling you, even the wall in her room was hilarious. Daddy played acrobat with her (being flipped and tossed in the air etc) and that was just the dog's tuxedo!

We had so much fun. I think she was displeased maybe all of five minutes. She woke up in the same mood today.

So where did my baby go? Who is this independent, curious, tough, cracking-up-at-everything little girl?

I miss my baby baby already, but I have to tell you -- I'm good. I'm done. Let's freeze time right now. You don't need to be Britney Spears to feel like a celebrity. You need a six month old baby girl with a beautiful smile and ringing laughter.

And by the way, Mom and Dad, if you keep magically aging my kid, I'm not going to let you keep her anymore! :) 

{pure unadulterated joy. i wish my wash
cloth made me that happy.}