October 24, 2011

Phone Fun!

I actually don't have a ton of iPhone pictures to dump on you, shocking, I know! I took about eleventy million pictures on my real camera this weekend, so prepare for a photo dump soon!

Here are some of my iPhone pictures from this week!

Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch!

Then we went and hung out with our Tribe! This is a photo of our Godson, Leo and me!
The flash hurts baby boy's eyes so we had to turn it off that is why the color is off! But OMG
how adorable is this kid!?! I just want to squeeze him all the time!

Sunday morning Evie and I got up around seven and after breakfast we organized
the tupperware cabinet. Evie was such a good little helper! She loves the measuring cups!

Then I cleaned out all of her clothes that don't fit. I managed not to cry, but
did realize her closet is super empty. Must go shopping soon.

After dinner with my parents and William it was bath and bed time for baby girl!

Thanks to Erin at Confessions of a Magnolia Mom and Savanah at Savanah Smiles for hosting this link!