October 21, 2011

Saturday Laughs!

I'm linking up with Melissa at The Mommyhood Chronicles to share our top five laughs, as mommies, of the week.

1) The random thoughts that pop into my head about being a mommy. I think my kid is some sort of billy goat, octopus hybrid when I try to dress her. All of a sudden really determined and sprouts about four extra limbs, at least it seems like.

2) The way Evie loves to be naked and do a dance. Cracks me up every time!

3) The way people who don't know Evie all that well offer her a finger to hold and then get all freaked out when she immediately tries to eat it.

4) Watching Evie try to eat peach or banana slices! Soooo slippery mom!

5) Last Sunday I gave Evie some puffs in her high chair and went into the other room to quickly fold a little laundry. I came back and nary a puff was to be found. I looked on the floor and all around. Nothing. I pulled Evie out of her chair and nothing there either. Then the little piglet opened her hands. She stuffed all those puffs into her little fists. Puff Hoarder!

I hope you have enjoyed my Saturday laughs! Come link up!