November 8, 2011

Christmas Card Crazy

So every year since Chris and I have been married (that's a whopping two for those of you who are counting) we have sent out Christmas cards! The first year we ordered them from Walgreens last minute and I was all, "Meh. Not impressed". Last year we took an adorable bump picture in front of the tree and found a cute card that said something about "Visions of Our Little Sugarplum". It was the perfect card for us. I've been wondering almost ever since what our card would be this year. It seems silly but I want this card, the first as a family of three, to be absolutely perfect!

After much thought and consideration, I have narrowed it down to three choices! 

{all images courtesy of Tiny Prints}

I'm currently having fun mocking up the cards with our name and picture! I can't wait to send them out!

I found all of these cards at Tiny Prints and I've spent at least three hours perusing them. The best thing about this site? It has a little puffy heart at the bottom of each card that you can use to favorite cards. So after looking through a ton, I can easily access the ones I immediately liked! Plus the sort feature is great too since I only wanted to look at cards with one picture (not multiple).

Go check Tiny Prints and their amazing selection of Christmas and Holiday Cards so you can have as much fun as me!

*Tiny Prints is generously sending me free Christmas cards in exchange for this post. My opinions remain, as always, 100% mine and 100% honest*

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