November 22, 2011

Eight Months: You Are Mine

Dearest Evie,

You are eight months old today. I think back and scoff at the girl who said her four month old was growing too fast. Her eight month old is growing even faster.

You have made leaps this month sweet heart. You are more mobile than ever, and always crawling around, faster that I thought you would. You grew two teeth. You say dada all the time and I think you are starting to learn what it means. Now let's work on Momma. You only say that if you are really upset, and you more wail it out.

But I don't want to talk about that now. While other mothers anticipate each new thing their child learns, I dread them all, because they mean you are growing up. Now, most of the time you don't care to be rocked to sleep. Sometimes when you do let me rock you and you fall asleep I'll sit and rock you and rock you until I know, if I don't put you the both of us to bed I am going to be miserably tired in the morning. My heart simply cannot get its fill of you.

Right now I want you to know that you are mine and I am yours forever. Forever and ever. I will always carry you with me, in my heart, in my gut, in the bone and sinew that make up my body, in my thoughts and in my very breathing. That is the way it is with a mother and a child, two souls forever entwined; to make you, God had to take a piece of me. You will know this love one day.

I gave your Nana a platter when I was in college. I bought it on a whim one Spring day while walking the Pearl Street Mall. It says, "Home is Where the Mom Is". I love that saying, but I only recently understood that it still means the same thing as "Home is Where the Heart is". Your heart will always go with me, and my heart will always go with you. You can always find home in my heart baby girl. Always and always.

I love you more and more every single day. You stretch my heart to new limits.

forever and ever,