November 14, 2011

People I Want to Punch

Ok, so I'm normally pretty like, diplomatic, I guess is the word. I try not to judge people, and I try to put myself in their shoes for the most part. I try not to piss people off. I'm pretty moderate and when people are losing their minds over stuff I try to be reasonable.

Not on this one. I will not be reasoned with. There is NO excuse for this.

Thursday when I picked Evie up from daycare I was informed that a kid in her class has RSV and another has hand/foot/mouth disease.

They came on quick. The little one with HFM came in with fever on Wednesday and only a few spots.

That's right. Fever. And spots. And this child's mother sent him or her to school.


Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the fever should have been enough to cause this woman to employ what is obviously the last of her working brain cells and keep her kid home from school.

However, because of her inability to use deductive reasoning, my beautiful baby is now very sick.

Evie ran very high fever all weekend long. I took her to the doctor but they won't do anything, even the mouthwash is out due to her age.

She is miserable. She sobs big sobs and huge crocodile tears run down her sweet little cheeks. Her tears soak huge wet spots in my shirts and she moans dada dada dada with something that sounds like an occasional Maaaamaa thrown in there.

Everytime I have to try and do whatever I can to soothe my inconsolable baby and see the apparent pain and distress she is in, rage rises up in me like lava and despair over my child's pain swamps my heart.

Evie can't go back to school for 1-2 weeks (per the doctor). This woman has now cost me the copay at our doctor's appointment,  at least one week's worth of daycare that we still have to pay to keep Evie's spot as well as the time off work that I have to take unpaid.

So now I feel like a crappy mom, crappy employee and crappy co-worker.

I am thisclose to quitting my job with no notice to be with Evie.

On the top of my List of People I Want to Punch is this woman who I can only assume knowingly brought her child to school sick, or maybe she's not smart enough to know that fever and spots = sick. Neither is an excuse as far as I am concerned.

Seriously, seeing your child bawl in pain is the worst thing in the whole world, especially when you know there is nothing you can do to take the pain away.