November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Tail Edition 4.0

After last week's unscheduled detour we are back for our final Happy Tails edition of Wordless Wednesday!

You can meet Maggie here, Rocky and Reily here and Peyton here!

Today I'd like to introduce you to the members of our feline contingent!

Meet Mollie Jinx (MJ) and Lucky Cat!
{lucky is very camera shy, so I don't have good pictures of her :(}

MJ is our first cat. We got her in the Fall before we were married. We knew we wanted a cat but planned on waiting until after the I Dos to pick our kitty. In October of 2008 we were wandering around PetSmart and walked past the place where they keep the kitties available for adoption. One kitten caught our eye immediately. She was a beautiful cat and super playful! She had been found huddled under a car tire on a cold rainy night at the FedEx Super Hub and had been in foster care ever since. I went home and immediately filled out the adoption form. It was no surprise that we were approved to adopt and the following Friday we went and met her for the first time. We had a lot of fun and she was super playful. We decided to be her new kitty mom and dad and give her a home. We named her MJ and brought her home that night.

MJ is about three now and has quite an attitude. If you walk too near her she will reproach you with a loud MEOW. She likes to cuddle, but only on her terms. She also can jump from my counters to the top of my cabinets effortlessly where she stares at the rest of us in judgement. She plays with Peyton and loves to snuggle with Rocky Top. She also likes to groom him. MJ is stinky sometimes and very sassy, but she is a lot of fun! She loves to play games, especially with her laser pointer!

Lucky Cat is an all black cat with a very special story. She was found by Bruce who is the pastor at our good friends' Stephen and Libba's church. Libba is also a veterinarian. When Bruce found her she was in the cold limping around the parking lot of the VFW. He brought her to Libba. Lucky would put no weight on her back left leg and Bruce said if Libba could find her a home he would pay for the amputation that would be necessary.

I don't know why I went with Libba to the clinic that night, but I did and I saw Lucky and my sappy preggo heart fell in love. She purred like crazy as soon as you looked at her. I convinced Chris we needed her and that she needed us! We would name our black three legged cat "Lucky". So clever. (Not that clever). The day that Libba was set to amputate her leg, she looked in the cage and Lucky was miraculously putting a tiny bit of weight. Libba decided to hold off and do a little physical therapy before amputation. Two weeks later our four legged Lucky Cat came home. Other than nerve damage in her tail (she can't feel anything -- you can literally step on it and she won't notice which is how I found out) she made a full recovery and has learned to leap from counter to cabinet top just like MJ.

Lucky loves to snuggle. She is the cat that won't get out of your lap, off your computer or vacate your shoulders. She especially loves to snuggle with Rocky Top. She also likes to be carried around and get her belly rubbed. She is a very quiet cat yet still very playful. Chasing MJ is one of her favorite things to do!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting all of our FurBabies! We love them all very much!