November 11, 2011

Y3W: Deeper In Love

Do you ever have moments when you just look at your family and just fall more in love?

This morning it was freezing outside and I awoke snuggled up to my hubby under a pile of snoring puppy dogs. There was frost on the ground, shiny in the early morning sun. It was beautiful and punctuated with happy dog barks, their breath lingering like little clouds in the chilly air.

After we got ready I fed the dogs and drifting from down the hall were peals of  delighted baby laughter from Evie as her Daddy blew raspberries on her belly instead of getting her dressed like he was supposed to.

I love watching him be such an amazing father to our little girl.

And in that moment my heart that I would have sworn was so full of love, light and laughter that it would  shatter if more joy was tipped into it, simply swelled, and I fell deeper in love. I fell deeper in love with the amazing man that is my husband and deeper in love with the amazing child God blessed us with.

Thank You Lord. How could I ask for more?