December 29, 2011

Christmas Recap & Photo Dump

Alright folks here it is, the much anticipated (right? I mean y'all were totally looking forward to this?) Christmas recap and photo dump!

We had a great Christmas! It was very very hectic and next year we are staying home, but this year it was worth it.

Christmas Eve we went to Candle Light service with my family and then to eat at Macaroni Grille, which we do every year. This is my favorite tradition at Christmastime.

Christmas morning, I made breakfast, then we woke Evie up so she could see that Santa did indeed stop by! After she played with her toys, we had a yummy breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, egg casserole and sausage casserole.

After breakfast we all looked to see what Santa left for us in our stockings, then while Evie napped Chris and I showered and got ready to leave for Pickwick Lake.

We drove to Pickwick to see Chris' grandmother who is in a nursing home due to Alzheimer's. His mom and dad got her out for the day so she could have Christmas at their cabin. Chris and I both felt this year that breaking the "don't go anywhere on Christmas day" rule was warranted.

After we got home from Pickwick, Evie opened her wrapped presents and then Chris and I did our Christmas. After Evie went to bed we had our Christmas Dinner, which was crock pot french dip sandwiches, pasta salad and french fries! We went casual this year since we were gone for about six hours.

The next day we got up and did Christmas with my parents in the morning and Christmas with Chris' parents in the evening.

Wheew! It was a crazy busy weekend, and I am still exhausted and the piles of laundry at my house are unbelievable! BUT -- we aren't done yet; we have the whole family Christmas this weekend on Sunday! 

{Our Christmas in Pictures}

Our Tree and Presents!

Santa Came!

Stockings are Stuffed!

Evie wouldn't leave Bear behind even to see what Santa brought!

Santa brought Evie a Sophie the Giraffe!

Evie LOVED what Santa left for her...

...and she loved everything in her stocking.

Evie and Daddy playing with her new toy!
(can't deny this child can he?)

We all had matching PJs! This is a new, and oh so cheesy, tradition we have started!
Evie did not sleep in hers because it was too cold. We changed her into them after stockings!

Opening presents!

Christmas at Nana and Grampa's

All the presents are mine!!!

Evie with Grammie and Grampie

So that was our first Christmas with our precious baby bug. She is totally spoiled for sure -- she has at least 12 more presents to open this weekend. No clue where it is all gonna go! It is definitely time to get started on that play room!

As for Chris and I, we had a great Christmas also. We were spoiled by our parents and spoiled by each other! I think my favorite gifts were my new camera bag, tri-pod, flash and, Keurig coffee maker and boots! The most meaningful present was a new charm for my pandora bracelet. Chris had it engraved with Evie's name, two hearts and her birth date. It was very special and he was proud because I cried!

However, I am most grateful for the gift of a happy healthy baby girl, who makes my world go round!

Merry Belated Christmas y'all -- I hope you are all as blessed as we are!