December 20, 2011

Evie Hearts Bear

Well I am back from a unplanned and somewhat forced vacation from the interwebz. I think I have been busy every waking minute since last Friday. I literally made bread for about 14 hours on Sunday, as well as canned a ton of apple butter.

So I welcome you back with a photo dump. Enjoy!

Evie has a thing for bears. It started with a lovie that her Auntie Leslie gave her, and then progressed to a Build a Bear Chris made for me when we were first dating. Evie laughed her head off when she saw him for the first time, so she stole him and now he is hers. She sleeps with her lovie at night (I feel like the stuffed bear is too big right now) and I think it is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!

Then Sunday I sent Chris to Walgreens for formula and paper towels and he came back with a three foot replica of her bears. When we woke Evie up we showed her the three bears and I was afraid her little head would explode from excitement.

Oh and did I mention they are all named Bear? Creativity win over here, folks.

{The Three Bears}

{Haaaai there big fella! You come here often?}

{Bear Hugs!}

{Bears Make Me Happy!}

{Alright, crazy lady. That is enough pictures!}

{Do you like people taking pictures of you while you eat?}