December 22, 2011

A Letter To Evie at 9 Months Old

Dear Evie,

You have been a part of my life for approximately 18 months now, a year and a half. You have been an outside baby almost as long as you were an inside baby, and mommy and daddy can't remember life with out you!

Although we didn't know it then, our days were gloomier without your "heh heh heh" laugh and now sporting two teeth smile.

We were more well rested, our bank account was fuller, our eyes had less bags, we did laundry far less frequently and we could walk through the living room without tripping over something that was essential to baby survival (or maybe it's parent survival).

I used to have time to run errands without planning them two days in advance. I could go to the mall or get a manicure on a whim. Daddy had plenty of time to play XBox and the puppy dogs thought the whole world, not just ours, revolved around them.

Nine months later life is different. It's not that our life revolves around you entirely it's that the brightest light of our life is found in you. We find it in the overwhelming joy you express during bath time, because good Lord girl you love your bath (you get that from your mom, just ask Daddy and Grandpa they pay/paid the water bills). We find it in the way you flirt shamelessly with everyone, and will stare at people until they comment how cute you are and only then will you bestow your beautiful smile on them. We find it in the way your big blue eyes grow wide at the sight of bear and you laugh your head off crawling your way down the hall until you finally reach him. We find it in your constant desire to snack on your toes and the way you blow raspberries every time I ask you to say "Momma". We find it in the dim light of your nursery as we watch our living angel sleep peacefully. We find it in how extraordinary every ordinary day is with you.

We can't wait to experience the next nine months with you baby bug; you are growing up so good.

To the moon and back baby girl.


{Evie: Nine Months Old}