January 28, 2011

Bass Ackwards and Belly Up

You know what I don't get? Women who are ashamed of their pregnant bellies. I don't get women who constantly bemoan the exclamations of "OMG! You're huge!" and constantly look for the tiniest weight related perceived insult in every single comment, wether pregnancy related or not. Yes, people have said to me some very intesting things all revolving around the belly. The most common of which is "You look like you are about to pop." And yes, you know what? I DO look like I am about to pop. So why get my panties in a twist about it? They are just excited about a new baby. Everyone is. No one can resist a pregnant woman. No one.

I understand to some degree -- I certainly have never felt less physically attractive in my life. My hair is gross brown, it is at an awkward length, I have no waistline, my feet are swollen and about a billion other unpleasant pregnancy related results. But you know what? I bask in the pregnant glow, because even if my outside doesn't glow my heart and soul are simply radiant with love right now. So why worry if other people are commenting on your weight or not ladies? Just enjoy the glow.

Enjoy the glow even if you feel like crap, your back hurts, your belly aches, your feet are swollen, you're covered in stretch marks, your nose is constantly stuffy, your blood pressure is high and you wake up puking every morning. These people who comment on the belly only want to be in a little of that glow.

Rock the Belly.

(At least that is how I feel today. I totally reserve the right to change my mind at any given time. After all, I'm hugely pregnant!)



Things I am Really Excited About:

1) Alycia Anne Olson is coming to visit me on February 11th! Alycia is my best friend from CU and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see her!

2) Memphis Baby shower on February 6th!

3) Finishing Evie's nursery! I will be stealing some time with Alycia's Interior Desgin skills to help hang the final touches on her walls!

4) My birthday is next Monday and birthdays are always fun! :)

5) Getting to meet my daughter (DUH)!!!

Things I am Truly Grateful For:

1) My husband! He is so amazing with me and all the fun things that pregnancy brings! Everytime I think I couldn't love him more he does one more thing that makes me love him just a little bit more. He is going to be the best dad and I can't wait for him to meet his baby girl!

2) My parents. I couldn't have asked for a better upbringing or better grandparents for Evie! I can't wait for them to see their granddaugter for the first time. They have always been so supportive of Chris and I and I am so so grateful for that now when we most need the support!

3) My in-laws! I have in them the best set of second parents around! I am so grateful for the man they molded Chris into and so thankful that he chose me to become their daughter when we married.

4) My friend Libba who is due three weeks after me. There is nothing quite like going through the same thing at the same time with a friend. This is particularly true when that thing involves weight gain (or lack thereof with the two of us), constant puking and hormonal changes. It's so wonderful to know I have a friend who just gets it, not because she has been there, but because she IS there!

5) My spot in life right now. Looking at it, it does not get any better than this. I have a wonderful amazing husband who adores me (and whom I adore back) and already loves this little girl so much, fantastic parents and in laws, terrific friends, a menagerie of animals I love (most of the time), a roof over my head and a great job! It's not always easy and it's certainly not a fairytale, but I love my life.

January 26, 2011

32 Weeks (Really 8 more weeks???)

We have arrived at 32 weeks! Woo hoo! Only 5 more weeks until full term! At the most only 8 more weeks until this baby is born! Thankfully, my OB will induce on my due date or a week before if baby Evie is ready and the way this little chunk is gaining weight I don't think there will be any problem with that!

Evie should be about 3.75 pounds we know from last weeks ultrasound that she already should weigh a tiny bit more than that. Right now I should be gaining about a pound a week and half of that should go straight to Evie as she continues to do one thing week after week until birth: pile on the fat! As Evie's weight increases and she continues to grow about 0.5 inches per week, her amniotic fluid will begine to decrease as she takes up more and more space. Her movement may decrease as this happens too. Part of me is looking forward to this and part of me is not. On one hand I am sick of having my kidney, stomach and pancreas beaten to death by her little feet. On the other hand since she started moving regularly I have always used it as a barometer of her well being. I guess I would trade the physcial discomfort for the reassurance that she is doing well in there! Other than growing, Evie still spends her time grasping with her hands, turning her head back and forth, probably sucking her thumb and exploring what little room she has! At this point she also has finger and toe nails and hair covering her scalp (if she has any -- which with me as her mother she should!). Her brain also continues to develop rapidly during this time (which is why I choke down the gross DHA Gesticare Fish Oil every day).

Evie should be about the size of a large jicama!

32 weeks down, 8 to go!!!

January 24, 2011

Story People

I have always loved Brian Andreas' Story People. I could read their stories for hours and not get sick of them; probably because some of them remind me of the line in a book that you underline and go back to time and time again, if of course you are like me and obsessed with words. I want these two for Evie's nursery, funky colors and all.

January 23, 2011

I got my wish...31 weeks...

Well some of you may remember that earlier I wished quite vehemently for a chubby little chunk of a baby. Well, it seems that I am getting my wish. Read on for more information on what happened at 31 weeks...

Wednesday was fine, until I took a little fall down a hill and into the chic-fil-a parking lot. Aside from being extremely embarassing and painful on my knees and elbow, I rolled down the hill, over the belly. Oops. Due to this, I started contracting and when I went in for my regularly scheduled appointment they (of course) sent me to the hospital. The visit went much like the last one with monitoring, fluids and finally two turbutaline shots.

However, in addition to all of this because I did fall down the doctor orders an ultrasound to check the placenta and the function of the different organs (Evie's organs not mine). During the ultrasound we discovered that Evie weighs in at 4lbs 3 ounces (plus or minus 10 ounces). Ok, cool. That is, cool until I read that at 31 weeks the average baby weighs in at 3lbs 3 ounces. Sooo it looks like I will be getting my little chunk of a baby after all! :)

In other news Evie should be about the size of four navel oranges this week and measure in at over 16 inches long.

I can't believe that she is so big already. She's been learning to look from side to side and moving constantly. Other than that, developing brain mass and piling on the fat (the white kind to help her maintain her own body temperature after birth) are what she has been up to!

I'm feeling about ready to burst at this point... sometimes I feel like she is trying to come out of my throat! Other than that, I am trying to decide on systemic pain medication during labor or not. I am leaning towards yes, but on the mild as possible side. I guess I will talk to the doctor about it and see what she recommends!

I'll post an update on the nursery shortly! We are so excited that is so close to being finished!

January 17, 2011

Things I Have Heard in the Past Week

Getting out of the car at Babies R Us in the "Expectant Mom" parking:

Random Lady: "Oooooh girl! You are expecting!!! When you due?"

Me: "March 23"

Random Lady: "Ooooh girl! You look bigger than that! I don't think you have that long!"

(Note that the lack of use of the verb "are" was her fault and not mine)

Gentleman at a family function:

Gentleman:"How much longer do you have left?"

Me: "Nine weeks."

Gentleman: "Nine weeks?!?!?! You don't look like you have 9 days!!!"

My house, Master Bathroom

My husband: "Can we take bets on when she'll be born?"

Me: "No"

Worker at Lowe's Hardware

Worker: "Are you ok? You aren't gonna have it anytime soon are you?"

Me: Shakes head, "No I am fine!"

You should also note -- that none of these offend me or annoy me -- except for the bets on when she will be born! This is my child not a pony race! :) I guess I'll know I am closer to having her when these things start to bother me more! Until then as long as people keep their hands of my belly without invitation (exceptions: my OB, my husband, my mom and my dad - taking the baby out, put the baby in there and gave me life -- thus earning them belly touching rights) we are all good!

I'll be back later this week to update on week 31!

30 Weeks!

Well... Evie had quite the exciting time hitting the 30 week mark. Early in the morning on January 12 (around 2am) I started having what I thought were braxton hicks contractions. They were very small and very irregular. I did not bother counting them because I just figured I was tired and deydrated and they would go away after I slept.

I was wrong. They continued throughout the night and morning and continued to become a little more regular and stronger. Again, I did not pay attention. With some persuasion I decided call my doctor. The doctor's nurse decided to bring me in to check it out. Oops. In under an hour I had six big contractions and several smaller ones. I did not realize the small ones were actually contractions. I thought they were the baby stretching. I also thought the big ones were smaller ones sometimes. I'm really bad at counting contractions.

After consulting with my doctor the nurse practioner decided to send me to Methodist Labor and Delivery (as a side note -- this is where we had already decided to have Evie after hearing about the wonderful experience our friends Stephen and Libba had with their son, Gus. We could not be more pleased with our decision; the doctors and nurses are exemplary and the rooms are wodnerful. I can't think of a better place to have Evie). Dr. Martin and Deborah decided to also run another test on me, a fetal fibronectin test. This tests for an enzyme that if present indicates high risk for labor AND delivery in the next two weeks. I was sent off to the hospital with the test in hand for the lab at Methodist to run.

Upon arrival I was hooked up to a fetal monitor and a contraction monitor, blood pressure monitor, a pulse ox and a bag of fluids. They ran the bag of fluids wide open for about 500 mls then hooked it up at 150 ml/hr. Theoretically the fluids should have stopped the contractions. Unfortunately they DID NOT. At one point the contractions were coming on very strong, lasting a long time and very close together (less than 2 minutes apart). At this point the doctor on call at my OB's office decided to give me two shots of terbutaline. The first was given and the second about 20 minutes later. This drug is actually an asthma drug that is not approved by the FDA for use in stopping contractions, BUT becaue it is universally used, it is the standard of care (http://www.gynob.com/qqptl.htm). Whatever, it is used for most is not important though because it worked. It worked really well and really fast; after five minutes I felt my muscles relax and Evie calmed right down. I, however, did not calm down. That terbutaline is like cracked out methamphetamines. I was shaking and jittery and apparently became quite the chatty cathy (according to Chris and my mom). I did not like it and hope to never have it again, but I'd do it again to keep Evie in the belly for as long as possible.

After the shots worked and the contractions stopped and the fetal fibronectin test came back negative, Dr. Cole decided to monitor me for about 45 more minutes and then we were released. Upon release we made a beeline straight to mellow mushroom because I was STARVING. I really understand the rational behind not eating but I would've KILLED for something (anything) to eat by the time we left. I have no decided that a covert box of granola bars will be snuck in my bag for the actual labor and delivery. Muhahahaha!

So that has been Evie's big adventure this past week!

We did learn one really important thing though: Evie responds textbook perfect to contractions meaning she should be strong enough to weather labor and delivery at this point!

In other news with Evie she continues to pack on the ounces and should weigh in around 3 lbs at this point and that number could more than double by the time she is born. I'd be fine with doubling -- but please let's not triple! :)

Evie should be the size of head of cabbage by now!

And she is starting to get a little scrunched in there! :)

30 weeks pregnant and 10 weeks to go!!!

January 6, 2011

29 weeks (and counting)!

Evie reached her 29th gestational week yesterday! She is growing at a rapid place and as her brain expands she is exploring her environment with gusto and curiosity! This can even include pulling on her umbilical cord. Don't worry apparently the thing is tough enough to withstand a lot! Her bones are absorbing of 250mg of calcium per day as they harden and she gets ready for life on the outside! I know people say it is an old wives tale that you crave what your baby needs, but as her calcium needs have skyrocketed, I have really been craving milk this week. I love milk and while pregnant I have been drinking between a gallon and a gallon and a half of 2% organic milk per week. But this week I have just been craving it. The other day at work I drank three glasses. I gave up bringing my small thermos with me daily to work and I just bring it by the half gallon. Giving up 2% for skim is going to be a hard transition for me when I am trying to lose baby weight! I love my 2% milk! Yummo!

Evie seems to be really good this week. She is really really active all the time. I've been told her activity will decrease as she gets bigger and the amniotic fluid decreases. I'm just enjoying all this funny movement; this morning she was twisting all around on the way to work and it was literally tickling me! I was just laughing out loud. I have a feeling I am going to miss all these moments of time where it is only her and me. Pretty soon I will have to share her with the world -- that is both heartbreaking and exciting at the same time. I read somewhere that deciding to become a mother is making the decision to forever let your heart go walking around outside your body. I think I am grasping a small glimpse of that feeling; something I'll realize fully on the day she is born.

In other baby news we have finalized the plans for her nursery. Her bedding has been ordered and came in yesterday! It is adorable. We are going to have Home Depot match the green in her bedding for the paint for the wall. We are going to hang a few floating shelves. Get a standing lamp and a bedside lamp. Her glider has been ordered and hopefully will be in soon. And once her changing table comes in and I find the right size pink baskets we will be good to go! Then we can start putting stuff away and hanging up clothes! Oh and we have to deep clean the carpets! I'm going to see if I can borrow my parents steam mop for our hard floors to disinfect those before we come home too! Lots to do but in contrast to the week before Christmas I feel like we are actually making progress!

As far as news for the mom, I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test with flying colors and I am not anemic; I am just susceptible to low blood sugar and bouts of extreme weakness as a result. Nothing that can't be managed as long as I don't throw up. Woo hoo! I am still having some bouts of heartburn but nothing unexpected. Physically it is getting harder to move around. I find it to be especially hard to get out of the bed in the middle of the night. Trying to lug the big belly into a sitting position then to standing while attempting to avoid knocking my schnauzer Maggie to the floor (all while thinking OMG I have to PEEEEEEEEEEE!) is quite the task. However, so far I am managing ok! So as the third trimester starts it appears that I am going to have just about an ideal rest of my pregnancy. The placenta previa has gone away, Evie's weight is perfectly normal, I am finally gaining weight, she is no longer sitting breach and I have no indication of gestational diabetes or anemia. All of those things, plus the general feeling I have that she will come right around her due date, help me breathe a big sigh of relief and contentment.

Now that I am back on track for updates her are some visuals for you!

Evie is about the size of a butternut squash!

Here is her glider that Chris and I picked out! If the green is really ugly in person or does not match we are going to re-cover it in either a prettier green or a matching pink. This glider was partially chosen for its "recoverability". My mother in law is going to help me and if the next poppy is a little boy poppy we can recover it in navy or another fitting color. (Yes folks, that is me, always the planner.)

This weekend we are planning on purchasing her stroller and her car seat. We realized that we could actually get a more girly car seat since the next one won't be usable for the next baby (something to do with them wearing out and not meeting safety guidelines after a certain time, I don't know), but we still decided to go with something more gender neutral. This has always been the pattern that most attracted Chris and me. It seems comfier than any of the other car seats and I honestly like the pattern better than anything I have seen!

The stroller is (obviously) in the matching pattern. This stroller has plenty of room for the drivers stuff as well as the baby's stuff. The front tray swings open to easily put baby in when she is bigger. AND it is so easy to steer even with only one hand! We LOVE it!

That is all I've got for you today folks!

January 3, 2011

28 weeks!!!

I know, I know I am late with this post too! These short weeks are killing me -- I just want to lay around! Anyway, last Thursday Chris and I had our 28 week appointment. I'll tell you the big news first! I've gained 9 pounds! I am very excited about this because the doctor has been wanting me to gain a little more weight! I know it is strange for a woman to be crowing about her weight gain, but I am. For the first time in my life I was in the odd category of women whose doctor's actually wanted them to gain weight. Totally weird. I've never been told to lose weight either so being anything other than normal healthy or a tiny bit heavy has been weird. I'm still well under average but it is a start.

Ok enough about me and onto our little Evie Bug! As the third trimester starts -- new things will be developing for Evie. Her brain in particular will be increasing in mass and developing that wrinkled look. This is when all the DHA I have been taking for months is really going to pay off -- a smart and brainy baby! I expect she'll be born and the instead of a scream we will hear the quadratic equation pop out of her mouth (hey, that is pretty advanced for a newborn). :) However, as most of her major organ systems are complete by now, this trimester she will spend gaining weight, getting her body ready to regulate its own temperature (c'mon fat little baby!) and gearing her immune system up to fight off minor infections. Her beautful little eyes now have eyelashes and she can open and close them and tell light from dark. It's pretty impressive to know that at birth humans can only focus on objects a few inches from their faces and progress to be able to see so clearly, well in my case with the aid of glasses and contacts. She should be about 14.8inches from head to toe (although, again probably shorter) and she should weigh about 2.25 lbs. Although, thanks to our 4D ultrasound we know that Evie weighs closer to 2.5lbs! She is still in the 45th percentile for her gestational age, but as confirmed by the doctor, that is completely NORMAL. It's funny how having a baby makes normal the most beautiful word in the world. Also, as babies reach the 28 week mark they have a 90% chance of surviving outside the womb with no physical, developmental or mental problems. We are getting

On the downside -- Mom has felt better. Last week I had a day where I LITERALLY thought my body was giving up. It was either give birth or die. That is how bad I felt. I've never felt so tired or painful or beat down that I can remember. I think it was a combination of not enough sleep and low blood sugar. I 've been having trouble keeping meals down (eat small small meals) and I have thrown up dinner the night before and both breakfast and lunch that day. Chris took me to dinner and I had a coke and a pot-roast sandwich and I felt much better. The doctor is still going to be testing me for anemia since that is common and really the only cause of extreme fatigue in the third tri-mester. Other than that day I've been pretty tired but not to the point I felt I would collapse like last Wednesday. I'm starting to really FEEL this pregnancy. I've started to get heartburn right on schedule, although that is not that big of a deal to me. And I am starting to notice more swelling. Funnily enough I once heard a woman describe herself in the third trimester as "an asthmatic bull in a china shop". I totally get that now. I feel like my lungs are squished up into my throat -- everything is just out of place and for a klutzy person I've never been so prone to accidents as I am now. I think I may even have to invest in a non-slip mat for the bath tub. Yikes. I do know that it'll all be worth it in the end. I think I'll spend this trimester living and breathing for my first glimpse of my baby girls face!

Here is a picture from Evie's 4D ultra sound! Sorry that it is upside down!

This is how big Evie is this week! About the size of a head of Chinese cabbage!

How far along?  28Weeks 5Days

Total weight gain/loss: 9 pounds total gain

Maternity clothes?: All maternity except for some sweat pants and sleep pants

Sleep: A little better this past week! Bathroom trips are becoming less frequent at night! Not sure how that happened -- but I am thankful! 

Best moment this week: Our 4D ultrasound!

Worst moment this week: Feeling like I was dying on Wednesday!

Movement:  She kicks like crazy!

Food cravings: Avocado, green beans, spinach, salad and apples. Oh and regular Coke.

Gender: Girl!

Names picked?: Evelyn Grace, “Evie”

Labor Signs: None yet!

Belly Button in or out? Still in, hoping it will stay that way.

What I miss: My waistline and a glass of wine with dinner. Sleeping on my stomach!

What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery done! we have lots of help coming over on the 22nd!

Milestones:  I finally gained weight and Evie is almost certain to survive birth now!