March 19, 2011

39 weeks!

Today we stand at 39 weeks and 3 days. Other than daily housekeeping, our nest is as ready as can be for our little Evie bug. Her nursery is done and we all await her arrival with bated breath. I'm telling you though, don't get too excited... she isn't coming until the 23rd. Right on time in accordance with the plan. Already a lot like her mommy.

Evie is using this last little bit of time to gain some more weight, although even that has slowed dramatically. Evie is the size of a watermelon (yeah it's fun carrying one of those strapped to your body).

A lot of women say their babies' movement slows as they reach their due date. Not mine. Evie is still extremely active and kicking. I am ok with it though as it just gives me added reassurance that she is still doing well! Here is what she should look like at 39 weeks...

Chris and I have been enjoying our last few days as "just us". We had a big breakfast this morning, complete with (virgin) mimosas, laid on the couch and then went and cleaned our cars out completely. We installed the extra base in my car (we are taking Chris' to and from the hospital just in case he has to drive fast). We spent this evening on a date together. We went and saw a move, had dinner and then went for ice cream. It was nice to get dressed up a little and enjoy each other's company without the ever present shadow of a home improvement project looming over our heads. Tomorrow will be much of the same, we plan on going out and lingering over breakfast and coffee and then spending the day just hanging out. It is our last weekend as just Sarah and Chris so we are determined to make the most of it!

Tuesday night we go in for the cervadil and Wednesday morning my labor will be induced. Evie will be 40 weeks and I am looking forward to sharing a picture of her instead a picture from BabyCenter!

39 weeks 3 days down! 4 days to go!

March 15, 2011

This is the Stuff

Lately it feels like there has been a barrage of simply not fun and downright crappy stuff that Chris and I have had to deal with. From horrible stomach viruses combined with clogged pumbing to the loss of a friend, the unexpected and violent death of a co-worker, finding out our roof is a total loss, leaks in our ceiling and a few different sick dogs, this past month has been very challenging. There have been a few times I have questioned God as to why a 9 month pregnant woman needs to be dealing with all this STUFF. Shouldn't I be relaxing, eating bon bons and keeping my feet up while I finish growing a baby? I mean shouldn't I?

Alas, it isn't so. I have too many animals, too much laundry, too much house and a husband to keep up with, so we move on and deal with all this stuff. I mop up the muddy paw prints (even though I know they'll be back), do the laundry (even though the clothes I am wearing are MORE laundry), scrub the mirrors (even though I know they will get toothpaste on them again) and thank the Lord every day for Chris (even though he drives me wonky sometimes). It honestly had me really scared recently. How is one person supposed to do all this stuff and deal with a newborn baby?

So in the midst of my frustration and anxiety over 4,125,896,785 things (yes, I counted them) God sent me a message. I listen to the Christian station fairly regularly and one afternoon about a week ago, after a day when all I could do was question, WHEN and WHY, I heard a new song. It's literally called "This is the Stuff". It's by Francesca Batistelli and this is the chorus:

,This is the stuff
That drives me crazy
This is the stuff
Someone save me
In the middle of my little mess
I forget how big I'm blessed
This is the stuff
That gets under my skin
But I've gotta trust
You know exactly what Your doing
Might not be what I would choose
But this is the stuff You use

I needed to hear that. I really did. I'm not saying I'm not still frustrated or impatient. I'm not saying it makes any of it easier. I am saying that when I freak out (which is A LOT these days) that after a minute or two I take a deep breath in and remember just how big I am blessed and that although it might not be any clearer than muddy water God has me learning SOMETHING from this.

March 9, 2011

38 weeks...

So... today we hit 38 weeks. Too long to be pregnant. And a man definitely invented this concept and then conveniently left himself out of the hard part of the process. I am getting zero sleep (bathroom trips are closer to 8 a night now), I am starving constantly and can eat just fine, but always end up with vicious acid reflux after, my feet are swollen and constantly in pain, my back is always sore and my hips and pelvis feel like they are about to split wide open from this baby. The end of pregnancy is miserable, and I am quite certain that if medical science could bottle THIS PARTICULAR brand of misery, the teen pregnancy problem would go away. If I was dealing with this and my friends were at prom, it would suck beyond sucking.

Ok there is my tirade and vent (call it a whine and suffer the wrath...). The rest of this post will be positively positive.

Evie is doing pretty much the same thing she has been doing for awhile (making mommy miserable... haha, ok really, I am stopping now), putting on weight and finishing her lung development. Her lungs would be fine if she came now, but the longer the better for her lungs. The other big ticket item I left off a few weeks ago is that her immune system should be up and running now and she will be able to fight off mild infections when she is born. With the help of the colostrum she will get from me will be able to fight off even more. She is the size of a leek (never eaten one of these either) and is cramped and squished.

Here is some Evie trivia for y'all!

1) She likes Bruno Mars. A lot. Other than that she has a pretty eclectic taste in music. She seems to enjoy classic rock, classic hits and pop the most. She also thinks Cindy Lauper is pretty cool. I know all this because when we are in the car and I crank the music and sing, she likes to dance to all of these. Oh and she also really loves The Beach Boys. It's a good day when KQK plays The Beach Boys!

2) She loves carrots! I could eat carrots ALL. DAY. LONG. She also loves green veggies and salads (the healthiness of which is negated due to the large amount of ranch and cheese, but still). In direct contrast to all of her healthy veggie loving, she also loves chicken fried steak. And not just chicken fried steak, the kidn that is smothered in the packaged brown gravy! Thank goodness for Abbay's right down the road!

3) She is more active in the evening and the nighttime, and slow to wake up in the morning. She is like her daddy in this respect. He is definitely the night owl. I am also like my daddy in this respect, but in the opposite way. Waking up after 7:30 - 8:00am is a waste of the day in my opinion.

4) Her name is from Old English and means "bird". I didn't know this until about three days ago when I looked it up. I have been so set on her name since I was 17 that I never even knew what it meant. Because of this, one of her frames in her room is going to contain a bird image with the quote, "You were born to fly." Also, Grace comes from the Latin meaning, "God's Favor" which I think is so fitting for our baby girl. If I were one of those crazy women who re-does the nursery in the last weeks before labor during the nesting phase, I would change her whole nursery to birds. However, I am not crazy and the baby girl bird nursery is reserved for one of my friends when she has a baby girl.

That is all for now! I am still praying for labor! Really and truly only God knows when this baby will be born!

March 7, 2011

The Finished Nursery!

We have finally finished the nursery! I feel so good about it! I think Chris and I (with a lot of help from family and friends) did a great job! I can't wait to bring our baby girl home to her new room! Thank you so much to our parents who have been our biggest support. They've given up Saturdays to help wash clothes, hang ceiling fans, put together furniture and help brainstorm. My father in law, Roy, has given up so much of his time to paint the trim and doors and help Chris out with his honey do lists. We are both eternally grateful to have such wonderful parents and one of the things we look forward to most is watching them become grandparents. We know Evie will never fall short of anything with these four around to back up her parents. Big thank you also, to Evie's Uncle PDW (William) for helping put together her nursery! I know he is going to be a great uncle! We love you all! Also, to my BFF Alycia who came from Las Vegas to visit and helped so much by helping me figure out where and how to hang everything! She also drove (along with her mother) to Lowe's in Vegas while we were in Olive Branch to help pick out the paint color! My design skills are slim to none so it was a huge help! Clearly this little girl is very loved already!

So here are some pictures along with some of the special things in her nursery...

The view of her crib! I think she has 10,000 things that make soothing noises and or project things! :)

Evie's glider, the sign her Auntie Libba made her, first handprints and footprint frames from Ms. McMeekin, and an old side table from my bedroom. The side table has all of her books on it, her noise maker and her lady bug that projects constellations on the ceiling! The drawer has all of her little nursing accessories in it and her burp cloths!

Her rocking horse that was handmade by our cousins Ted and Liann! His name is Teddy, on the bottom are the FedEx blocks that her Daddy bought for her! I think they are adorable!

Evie's little princess robe that her Daddy picked out!

The bow hanger that I made for her -- I am not the craftiest person so I was quite proud of this!

Diapering bin ready to go!

Receiving blankets!


Evie's lady bug bathing suit!

Evie's diaper bag -- all packed and ready to go! The little giraffe is a rattle her Daddy picked out especially for her! The diaper bag was a gift from Alycia!

Lady bug on her blanket!

Evie sign from Auntie Libba! It's so cute! And so special to us!

Changing table area!

Shelf above the changing table!

FedEx plane from her Daddy!

Her first Prayer Book from her Nana Dickens.

Blankie from Auntie Leslie, the picture frame that her Auntie Amber made her and her Princess Fund bank from Chris' friend Carolyn.

That is all for now! I will add some more of the closet that her Daddy put together for her! He did such a wonderful job! He is going to be the best Daddy to Evie Bug!

I am linking this post for Toddle Along Tuesday with Mama G from Growing Up Geeky!

March 2, 2011

37 Weeks!!! FULL TERM!

Today Evie is 37 weeks and is considered full term! Among other things this means her lungs should be fully developed and she should be well suited to life outside the womb, and should require no extra treatment or care at her birth!

Evie is the size of a swiss chard! I've never eaten one, but I know what they are at least! :)

We had our 37 week appointment and got some news. I am 1cm dilated! I know it's not much -- but I feel like I have overcome a huge hurdle. I was very prepared to hear that I was not dilating yet (and to NOT freak out about it this time). My OB says even though it's just a little and I am still barely barely effacing (not really at all basically) it's a very good thing because it means that I have officially gone into labor. Early labor. Not gonna have a baby anytime soon, but real actual labor.

On that note, the doctor actually went ahead and scheduled my induction for March 21. She said that she didn't want to do it before my due date, but she didn't want me to go past my due date either. She said two days before my due date was good -- so Evie will be here with us either on or before March 21, 2011. It is really nice to have a day to focus on. I am still hoping to go into labor on my own, but I have made my peace with the induction. I have just decided that the way she gets here is not important, and what is important is that I have a healthy baby girl. Part of the reason my OB said she did not think it would be good for me to go past my due date, is because even though Evie is a small baby (or is likely to be), she is still going to be a big baby for me because I am smaller. She said with every day that the baby is in there, she grows and gains weight and chances of fetal stress and c-section increase. That was kind of scary to hear. You never want to hear the words "fetal stress" bandied about, even in the most oblique way, in reference to your child. However, I am confident that she will be fine and that my OB and the doctors and nurses at Methodist are wonderful and will take great care of us.

Evie is still doing well and has a strong heart beat. She has dropped considerably, which helps with the out of breath feeling, but with my history of acid reflux, does very little for the heartburn. It also makes my bladder feel like it is the size of a tiny medicine dropper. Luckily though, when I lay down Evie likes to curl herself up into a ball in the upper part of her house (we call my uterus her house -- don't ask why) and stay there and not sit on my bladder. So, it's quite nice that my sleep is only being interuppted 2-3 times a night to go to the restroom and I am still sleeping well, with the help of the ambien for the restless legs. Evie is continuing to gain weight, and if my appetite is any indication, probably pretty quickly!

I am excited and ready to meet my little girl, but I am also finding a real sense of patience in the last few weeks. I am comforted by the knowledge that the end is coming soon (19 days at the most) and that a baby will be the result. It sounds weird, but it's like being full term just knocked patience into me and all of a sudden a real feeling of what is going to happen has come over me.

37 weeks down, 3 to go!!!

March 1, 2011

March 2011

This is the month I get to meet my daughter! The most exciting thing to ever happen to me other than marrying her Daddy! I can't wait!

Also for all y'all who said I would be having a February baby, nah nah nah! :)