January 27, 2012

The Date Night That Was(n't)

So last week I wrote about how excited I was to go to the Eric Church Concert! I snuck out of work a few minutes early, snagged my kid from daycare and headed home. I took a shower, put on my skinny jeans, fixed my hair, and put on a sparkly gold top. I even added a touch of red lipstick. After hubby came home and we got the Bug all squared away with her Grampie we headed out! We both agreed we were hungry but looking forward to some arena food and a cold beer. We drove to Southaven. As we arrived at the Desoto Civic Center, we both noticed that there sure weren't a lot of cars there. We walked into the arena and thought it was awfully bright for a concert. The gift shop for the Memphis River Kings (ice hockey) was open, and the lady behind us in line said to her son, "Hurry! The game has already started!". We both shrugged it off as she must have been trying to get her kid through the door. The ticket lady scanned our tickets and a funny sound came out of her little machine and big red X appeared on the tickets. She squinted at the sheets of paper, and said to Chris, "Sir, that's not tonight. It's tomorrow night!"

We looked at each other in disbelief and walked out of the DCC! I immediately called my parents who agreed to watch Evie for us on Saturday night so we could actually go to the concert! We couldn't stop laughing at the situation; as soon as one of us would stop the other would start giggling again. Then because we were starving we went to a little Italian place I have been dying to try for a year or two now!

We ended up having the best date night! We couldn't stop laughing over the mix up on the date and admiring the random decor of the restaurant (it was covered in old records), plus the food at Lonnie's was amazing! It was seriously some amazing pizza and garlic knots! It was so good that we went back for pizza again the next night before the concert! We really just sat down and enjoyed each other's company for a little bit.

{The Random Record Decor. It was like 50's Diner Meets Italian Joint!}

{One of My Favorite Movies and Actresses}

{Pizza and Ranch - Best. Combo. Ever.*}

*If you've never had pizza and ranch dressing before you are missing out. Consider yourself enlightened and try this combo quickfastimmediately!!! Seriously, ranch + pizza > chocolate + peanut butter. Say what you want. It's the truth.

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