January 10, 2012


Thursday I wondered about the correct age to stop using the baby monitor and if I was crazy for wanting to hang onto it for a little bit longer. The consensus was overwhelmingly, "keep the monitor longer -- you never know when you might need it." It was good to hear all the validation that I wasn't being too clingy or anxious for no reason for not turning that little switch to the "off" position.

Then I received this comment from a reader: 
We still use one for our 3.5 year old. Granted, it is mostly because her room is up, and ours is down, but still. She sttn great for the longest, then around age 3 started to get scared of the dark, bad wolves, bad guys, monsters, etc, etc, etc. So she started waking up at all hours. You just never know when or why they could wake up in the middle of the night. What if they throw up? Super high fever? Fall out of bed (when they are a little older, obviously!). I don't think it is about sttn, it is just about being able to hear them easily. If the child's room is in close earshot, then a monitor isn't really necessary. All of this is just my opinion!

It made me feel a lot better about still using a monitor and the fact that I really didn't want to turn it off until she was about, oh ummm...16.

I kid you not, less than two hours after I got that comment it happened. Chris and I let the dogs out one last time, came in to the kitchen for a glass of water and there it was: loud sobs from Evie's nursery only an hour after we had put her to sleep. She didn't really want her bedtime bottle. We figured she was hungry so I went to make her some food while Chris went to comfort her. As I walked down the hall I heard, "Sarah! Get in here! Turn on the light!" I fumbled to the lamp on the side table and as light filled the room, we were greeted by the sight of our sweet baby covered in vomit, laying in vomit, desperately trying to get away from vomit. She was so upset she was sobbing. It couldn't have been more than one minute from the time we heard her cry until we got into her room but I was horrified by the idea that my baby had to spend even one second covered in throw up.

Chris immediately picked her up and stripped her jammies off while I ran a warm bath. During her bath, she was rigid and sat with her hands fisted in her lap. She was shivering like crazy so we turned the heat up in the house. I cleaned vomit out of her hair, her ears and off her face. Once we got her dry and cozy in new jammies, I went to rock her. No sooner had I sat down than she threw up again, all over me this time. Once she finished I went and changed clothes quickly, while Chris read to her to calm her down.

After we changed her (she mainly got it on me and only a little on her jammies the second time) we sat on the floor and cuddled. My poor baby would throw up (we had figured out at this point to hold her forward and catch it in a burp rag) and then turn back to me and wrap her arms around my neck and lay her head on my shoulder. She threw up a few more times. Eventually she fell asleep on the floor, covered in a blankie and head on a clean burp cloth.

We gently lifted her into her crib and she slept deeply.

I set the monitor on high volume, and when I woke up twice that night to pee I sneaked into her nursery to check on her. She was fine both times and the next morning she acted like nothing had happened.

It was a twelve hour stomach bug.

All of that is a really long way of saying it gave me validation for all the what if-she-needs-mes floating around in my head about turning off the monitor and so I will leave it on as long as I want.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Oh and PS two days later both my ILs and I ended up with the same virus and it was TERRIBLE!